Looking for A&A Variant Playtesters

  • Greetings!

    I’ve created several distinct A&A variants, each of which needs its own playtesting (on the latest version of TripleA):

    1. Zombie-World A&A
      Killing your enemies turns them into free soldiers on your side. Sometimes.

    2. Kaiju A&A
      It’s WW2, except that there are also giant monsters getting in the way of both sides.

    3. Apocalypse A&A
      At a certain point in the game, huge asteroids will pound the earth. And WW2 will keep going.

    4. Gates of Hell A&A
      The souls of the dead fight for control of Hell, winning Hellpowers for their living comrades.

    5. Shifting Politics A&A
      You can’t trust trust anyone. Especially not Switzerland!

    6. Advanced Tactics A&A
      Surprising twists and boosts to movement and combat add tactics to grand strategy.

    7. Teleporter A&A
      What if your troops could show up anywhere on the board? What if you couldn’t control where?

    8. Time Travel A&A
      Enemy troops are advancing on your bunker. You can either send them into the future, or yourself into the past…

    Please leave a post below if you have the time to try out one or more or these variants, indicating your top three choices of variant in order of preference.

    As soon as the queue fills, I’ll launch a game between two players with the same preference.

    The rules for the variants will be published in the game threads at their point of launch.

    Remuneration at this point will be a very unique play experience.

    Looking forward to working with you soon,


  • I’m game…

    pref 1/?/?  :lol:

  • What would be the shifting politics version?

  • me too, me too…

    any varient is ok with me. preferably one I haven’t played yet.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    I’m ready to put down some hell empowered living dead.  Who’s with me!?

  • Gentlemen!

    Thank you very much indeed for your interest, and apologies for the two-month absence. I hope you’re still willing to run your playtests on these new variants…

    Gargantua vs. pr0c3ss game is posted here, with rules and introduction:


  • Grendal vs. rjpeters70 is posted here, with rules and introduction:


    I leave it to each of you to get in touch with your respective opponents and begin the games on the appropriate threads.

    If you have any questions for me about the variants, rule-related or otherwise, feel free to post them here and I will respond as soon as I receive them.

    Thanks again, and have fun,


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