I made some Global National Objectives, a colorful battle board, and a IPC chart

  • I mainly made these because I need  larger things to see and especially reminders what the national bonuses are for objectives. We always have a new player joining and he does not quite remember what is required to get the bonus. Only complaint about the battle board is the defense side is blue and the French blend in. But after France is gone it seems to be fine for all the others.

    On the battle board I added information about suprise attacks and anti aircraft as people forget to roll these first, Kamikaze information, and how to do strategic bombing runs.

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    Hey Sir_Cala,

    I really appreciate the work you put into these, but I feel that from a design perspective… that you could do better if you tried to make them look more professional. Try to work with added borders, a better colour scheme, and a more compressed info arrangement. However, I really like your IPC tracker chart.


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    I think these look really nice. One problem is UK India starting income. You have them on 18 but they start at 17.

  • Thanks for the input.

    Im using the experience to learn powerpoint.

    UK India starting income:  Fixed

    I feel my task force cards for 1914 have the borders you are talking about.
    For the National Objectives I will tinker with them but I like the larger size:
    so you can read the text about the requirements I have a lot of new players and they are always looking in the book to try to remember what the goals are to get them.
    Also I like the idea of putting tokens or chips on em so at the end of turn when the question of:
    Whats your bonus? its an automatic answer instead of looking at the board another minute trying to figure out.

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    I’m not sure if you’ve seen these…. but its a deck of cards so if a player has a bonus, they simply keep the corresponding card with their unit tray and money so they just add it as a income modifier. If they lose the bonus, than they have to return the card to the deck.


  • Yes it was the first thing I printed up to use looking for game aids.

    They look really cool.

    Everyone kept losing one or dropping them on the floor.
    (I dont know how many times someone has picked up their box with the lid on and the bottom tray falls out and spilled the contents all over the place. I even have one friend that keeps finding a Japanese infantry months after we played at his house. :roll:)

    We have set up a small separate table to keep our IPC chart away from the game board and for us the larger objectives with token markers sit out on either side of the IPC chart or can be placed next to the actual player needing to keeptrack of their stuff.

    I guess this style just meets our individual needs.

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