• Well we had our first play of 1914 last night. It lasted 5 hours and we got in 8 rounds.

    End result:

    Central Powers Captured Moscow (Non RR rules).

    Allies captured Constan with US help.

    Western Front was still wide open and we could tell it would still be 3-4 rounds til the end. I do think the allies may have been winning. Austria and Germany were mainly playing defence against the hordes of British, French, and US troops. Italy was even beating up on Austria as well.

    We played with tanks being built on turn 3. This really seemed to help them get the tanks into battle quickly, but the US was able to get them into battle T5, as Germany had to wait until turn 7.

    Flashman may be right about having some sort of rails or supply line. Their movement was too slow.

    Ie I captured Moscow on turn 3 and my Germany and Austrian units didn’t get back to western front until turn 7.

    Their movement is way too slow, and the allies will ALWAYS control the oceans on this game.
    The CP’s don’t have a massive sea power like Japan to keep the USA busy.

    Would anyone be against giving Ausria 1 Cextra crusier upon start and giving germany a crusier and a sub in by Madagascar

  • Customizer

    I intend to try next game with a 2nd German production centre in Munich. If this doesn’t give Germany a shout on the western front, it will have to be rail movement.

    Konigsburg is good, but it needs commerce raiding to be much use.

    I would add the Goeben (another German cruiser) to SZ 18 as well; remove the Turkish navy; it didn’t exist in August 1914.

    French navy could do with some trimming…

  • how in hell did you take moscow on turn 3?

  • Hmmm, maybe you allowing tanks to be bought turn 3 caused your main problem.

    When the Germans & A/H go hard core Russia as you did (they obviously can’t have tanks with them),  the CP will being be playing def on the western front (as you found out) so won’t be buying tanks. By allowing tanks to be purchased earlier in your game you gave the allies a major advantage. They are the aggressor in this situation, have naval dominance in most games, and you allowed them to get tanks to the front lines much faster (which helps them keep front line units alive). Also make sure that your tanks aren’t taking hits from first strike art shots (this isn’t allowed as I’ve recently found out).

    BTW, now that the US won’t be able to load transports until they are at war the game will change most significantly (Krieghund just posted this new change, along with new Rus Rev rules). The US will be delayed from making landings in the Med etc…as they did in your game. For now though I wouldn’t move up tank purchases to the 3rd turn, because of the obvious balance issues you encountered. I think both of these new re-rights will help the CP.

    I think it’s possible to take Moscow trn 3 if the Russian player just does what they normally do and back peddle to their capital. I think the Russians need to attempt to contest their territories in a fighting retreat style to weaken the CP as they have a hard time bringing up reinforcements fighting two fronts. Maybe this wasn’t the case in this game though, and I would like to hear how this front unfolded.

  • @ghr2:

    how in hell did you take moscow on turn 3?

    Russia must have thrown Infantry into obviously losing battles instead of massed defense?  I quickly found out how much harder it is to attack in this game-  ALL defenders defend at a 3!  (Save tanks, haven’t gotten far enough to build them yet).

  • Well Austria took Serbia and Romania turn 1.

    Took Ukraine turn 2, then Moscow turn 3. It was very great dice rolls.
    I don’t see that happeneing in many games. And most of Russian troops were in Poland.

  • I guess russia forgot that he should not let the enemy get in between him and his capital

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