Anyone tried buying all fighters with germany and taking Paris round 5?

  • TripleA

    Anyone try it? Just leave 1 starting infantry on Berlin. You can move everything else around where you want. Just remember to leave 1 inf 2 spaces away from Berlin towards Paris.

  • Well you cant reach Paris with your Berlin stack untill round 5…
    Assuming everyone just retreat Germnay can hit France with 23 inf and 13 art (plus fighters) in round 4 where France can defend with 50 inf and 8 art = German Collaps… In round 5 you can hit France with 42 inf and 19 art (plus fighters) against appr. 55 inf and 8 art = Very close first round of fighting, but since France can reinforce much easier, Im beting Germany will lose…
    Also if GB would most likely help out its ally to prevent this even being this close 😃

  • TripleA

    Round 5 attack. How does uk reinforce @_@?  Maybe he buys all fighters and start flying them in @_@. Have not thought about that. Wait how does he do that @_@. He can buy transport round 1 maybe if he has naval to protect it… that is 4 units… I guess he can space them to fly fighters in. @_@  Everything after that will not make it in time.

  • Well UK can use everything he buys round 1-3 to reinforce Paris by G5. Assuming the entire France Navy is used for protection as well, UK only need to buy Naval protection in Round 1 and than free to use its appr. 60 IPC (round 2+3) to buy 10 transports -> 20 more units in Paris by the time Germany attacks. UK have the units already if you include Canada.

    Also France can reinforce Paris with an additional 6 units with their 3 transport from Morocco+Algeria+Portogal.

    Total Germany will hit Paris with 42 inf and 19 art and (maybe 5 planes)? against 60 inf(F)+15 inf(UK) and 9 art(F)+5 art(UK).
    After the attack Germany would only have 1 inf and 15 art left and would be destroyed when France counter-attack on F5 😃
    So no, I would not wanna do this strat 😃

  • The round 1 buy of all fighters is with tournament rules in mind where you can move two spaces with Germany. In OOB I am not sure how it would go.

  • TripleA

    I thought fighters move two spaces?!?!? You just have to have an infantry where it lands.

  • Customizer

    Yes, as long as you fly over friendly tt or szs.

  • Since your ground can’t move two spaces I don’t see the point in buying all fighters the first turn and attack round 5. You really can’t do it.

  • TripleA

    Yeah you can, you just have to make sure you got 1 infantry where you land. You can get mucho big attack on france super fast!

  • Yeah… but as I showed you france will have an even bigger defence… Even with full plane buy, 12 planes tops can reach Paris, you are only really buying 2 additional kills (well 5 total if you include the ones from getting air-s).

    The entire German stack will be gone by France counterattack!

  • TripleA

    You can get your air on it if AH takes it first. Like if you are going to cheese someone, do it right, god damn dude.

  • At this point Im assuming you are trolling 😃

  • TripleA

    AH has two stacks that make it. You just need to send the 1 stack.  8 guys is plenty, if he leaves a force that is strong enough to defend against 8 you attack with germany and takes fighters as casualties then defending will not be so bad.

    You are the one trolling. You are bad.

  • This post is deleted!
  • TripleA

    You do not attack the fleet?

  • Attacking the British G1 is nearly necessary. Jutland would have been successful if only Germany had destroyed the Royal Navy (Germany has 4 additional attacking units, which is enough even if mines get some luck).

    Unless the French go offensive (which is an essentially suicide), the Germans have little chance of reaching Paris with only starting units. My alternative: Buy two BB’s G1 just to scare the Brits, and purchase 5 art. and 5 or 6 inf. every turn. Just the basics, but lots of them!
    One of Germany’s worst mistakes was that they did not have a good supply line, which is not solved by buying all planes.

  • TripleA

    You can totally reach paris with only starting units and the planes coming in. You do need an AH stack to join you but this is not a problem.

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