• Hey everyone

    I have played G40 but am interested in 1914 what are some reasons you like it more than other AA?

  • I wouldn’t say I like it better, exactly. It’s just different. Different map, different units, different rules. It’s a good change of pace from the WWII games.

  • Same reasons for me. The contested territory changes  A&A combat, as we have always known it. And that is nice. It is also so appropriate to the well known stationary nature of WW1 fighting.

  • I am a big fan - but, its aggravating that there just aren’t enough pieces provided with the game.  They just plain dropped the ball on that score.  Also, I believe the map could have included a few more minor powers.  So with a few more pieces and a few house rules (like neutral Italy turn 1) - the game can be very different each time you play because there are several different strategies.  I recommend the purchase.

  • Based on early reviews, I requested extra pieces through customer service and got them the same time the game showed up.

    I like the game, but as is it’s such a slog that we almost never keep up interest. It may be more fun with multiple players, but as a two player we tend to walk away as things tighten up.

    A big issue for me is mines. It becomes such a deterrent to Naval movement that it drags on the game.

    One day I’ll look into the house rules, etc to make it more playable, but when there’s a window of time for A&A, in this house we’d rather either breeze through a '42 or commit to a '40.

  • '18 '17 '16

    It’s not as good of a game as G40 but it is still a good game. The play is much different so that adds some variety to your game collection. Make sure that if you are going to get the game that you get extra pieces or you will be frustrated. Aside from German infantry the next thing to run out is the playing chips and they are slightly larger than the chips you are using now so they don’t stack well. You can buy the pieces and chips from HBG. The tournament rules are better than the OOB rules as well.

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