• We just finished our first game of WWI. Although I am sure we botched up some minor rules, I enjoyed it. I felt it was a nice change of pace to A and A WW2.

    The Central Powers rolled over Russia. We were playing with the Revolution Rule. ALthough the German and AH player could have triggered it, they purposely did not. INstead they opted to conquer Moscow and carve up the Russian territories. This boosted their IPCs so that both were quite powerful. At this point, it was a slow and steady grind of attrition on the Eastern Front. It was clear by turn 9 that the CP was eventually going to win, so we stopped playing.

    I do like the map, but the western front territories are just too small to hold all the troops contesting them. It would have been nice if W Europe was a bit bigger. Or perhaps he could have boxes on the boarder of the map that can hold extra troops so the space on the board does not get too crowded.

    I do hope that Zeppelins are introduced if they make a second edition of this game.

    I think Cavalry should be included as well. Granted on the Western Front, cavalry were extinct after the first 6 months. The Eastern Front was not quite as dug in. Cavalry were used by both sides longer on the Eastern Front.

  • TripleA

    Yeah the board is not that big. Does not start with enough pieces to play the game without grabbing some from other boards, sure you can setup, but not being able to place units… that is a problem.

    Yeah it is funny tanks come out after 4 rounds… but we do not start with cavalry. I guess if you had a cheaper tank on the board, there may be issues with the overall game balance.

    Glad you rolled over the Russians, that is the way to go, conquer it. I thought if you play with the revolution rule it is up to the Russian player to decide if it is time for a revolution.

  • I have to double check the Russian Rev Rule. I thought it had to be decided if it was in play before the game started. Then, it gets triggered when all the criteria are met.

  • What mechanic could cavalry have that would make sense in the game?
    Attack on 3? Nah.
    Move two spaces… meh
    What other design space is there for a new unit representing cavalry?

    I can see room for zeppelins. Might be cool. But there big uses were strategic warfare and naval support. They were really easy to defend against for strategic bombing, and naval warfare is really one sided in AA14 because the CP just don’t care about controlling the seas enough.

  • TripleA

    Cavalry would move 2 spaces, attack at 2 and defend on 1, cost 1 more than an infantry.

  • I personally don’t favor many modifications of this game. It is good and playable as is, with House Rules always on the table.
    If cavalry units were allowed, they should convert to infantry after the second round.

  • I envisioned calvary working like this.

    Attack at a 2
    Move at a 2
    Defend at a 3 (If on a territory containing defending infantry)
    Defend at a 2 otherwise.

    Cavalry played a minor role during the entire war. (Lawrence of Arabia for example)

    Cavalry would have one other feature. They alone would be able to leave a contested zone and attack an empty adjacent enemy controlled territory.

    By turn 4 they would no longer allowed to be built.

    I do agree the game is great as is.

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