An over view of 3 games w/Ressian Rev Rules, and what is your Russian strat?

  • The way I go about is head for Moscow in a way to prevent the RR from triggering.  If I start getting bogged down and it’s taking too long, I would then force the RR to eliminate Russia and the eastern front.

  • The problem that the CP are running into though (in our games) is the Russians aren’t trying to defend, or contest territories, they are withdrawing everything to a better def position sometimes all the way to Moscow (basically drawing the enemy into the belly of the beast). When the CP gets to the gates of the capital the Russians are too strong (not having fought many battles), and have been able to eliminate whom ever attacks her first (has been Austria), then depending on how many units she lost, either attack the other (Germany), or just wait to take the second hit. The UK has also been very active on Russian soil, and has been able to def w/Russia, liberate Russian land, or kill off enemy units that are contesting Russia territories to allow the Russians more freedom of movement. The only success the CP have had is with multiple waves, and even when they have forced a revolution it has cost a great deal of CP units, and the western allies have been breaking through their defensive lines.

  • If that’s the case then ignore them altogether and go west.  If Russia wants to hole up then take what they allow you and go after France.

  • But eventually those Russians are going to stop allowing you to take things, in which case If you’ve gone all west then suddenly you have a VERY large army in your east.

  • Well, I never said to not leave anything in the east and Berlin is only two spaces from Poland.  I haven’t seem anyone play Russia this way so I would have to mess around with it.

  • All 3 games have been going hard at Russia, they back off and UK plays spoiler in one way or the other. The next time I’m CP I’m going to see if we can dig in defensive to the east (Poland?), and try to take out France. I’m sure the UK will go mostly London though, and the French/Italians aren’t exactly push overs (so we’ll see).

  • im about 5 or 6 games deep (3 as cp and 2 as allies). in the first few games as the cp, we really started losing steam around turn 5 or 6, (around the time we triggered RR). all of the expansion both east and west grinds to a halt, reinforcements are too far away, and the allies start pushing back hard. we would ordinarily cede victory to the allies and call the game at this time. however, in the most recent game ive been playing, i decided to suck it up and keep going, and by turn 7 or 8, due to the increased income from the russian tts, the lack of an eastern front, and the allies ALSO having a long walk to CP territory, ive noticed that the CP really get a strong second wind. its almost as if you say 'TIME OUT! let’s start the war over! only, this time, russia doesnt get to play" lol anyway, most of the reports im seeing about CP losses have games that ended in turn 5 or 6. i think this is sometimes too soon to call it in the allies favor. just my 2 cents yo.  PS (on the other hand, sometimes the allies legitimately have you bent over by turn 5 or 6 hehe)

  • I think it’s pretty clear that you have to trash the Russian Revolution optional rule in its entirety if you don’t want the game to get formulaic.  To play with the Russian Revolution optional rule is not only stupid (all the great powers had serious issues that could have become revolutions due to war fatigue), but it also ensures that the CP strategy will be to knock Russia out of the game as quickly as possible.  This means each game will start to look like the ones before, which makes the whole game become boring.

    The far better alternative is to use the political and economic collapse tournament rules, with some modifications.  The way that my group thinks the rule should work is to check at the beginning of the turn, but then give the nation threatened with the collapse the opportunity to try to reverse it on its own turn.

  • I agree with Suvorov.

    Long time reader, first time poster.  When we play it’s tourney rules and being able to move 2 spaces really helps with preventing getting bogged down in Russia for the CP.  They can send in reinforcements much quicker plus you can bull rush the Russian forces with AH early in the opening round.  You can always bleed them white (economically) by running all over the empty Russian territory, eventually the weight of your superior $$$ will show on them.


  • I don’t agree with the two space rule change for land units. Land units in World War 1 were not mobile and if you are looking for a game with full mobility the original axis & allies WOII games are a much better choice.

    However I do see the potential of limiting the capacity of producing units in India to 5. Playing UK is much harder as you have to keep producing units in India to keep the Ottomans away and also have to build a navy in the west to threat the Germans. The UK simply lacks the IPC to help the Russians in this scenario since a decisive victory against either the Ottomans in the East or against the German navy in the west is very hard to accomplish. In the two games we have played with this rule Russia Revolution has occurred.

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