• What are the standard bid rules?

    I always thought that 1 unit per territory was standard. Then I saw on AA50 that this wasn’t a requirement, but that a territory or seazone already had to have a unit in it. Then when I mentioned that in another thread for G40, somebody said no (opening up the New Guinea Anzac infantry bid).

    So what combination of these (or anything else) is true for G40 bid rules?

    1. no more than 1 unit per territory or seazone
    2. no Chinese bids
    3. must use as much of bid as possible (can only bank max 2 IPC)
    4. territory or seazone must already be occupied
    5. other

    The AA50 league spells out what their bid rules are, but the 2013 G40 League simply refers to “standard bid rules”. Referring back to the 2012 G40 League doesn’t help, as it also refers to “standard bid rules”.

    Commander Jen does spell out that “3” above is a rule for the G40 League.

    Anybody with some insight?

  • This is a issue bugging me too.

    Also, get into arguments on Triple A about more than one unit in a territory. Most say not allowed. Is that true for the league?

    Some say you can’t bid China.

    How much of the cash can you bank?

    Is a seazone surrounding an island consider occupied if it is empty but the Island has units? I.E. Malta.


  • Based on the lack of responses, I’m guessing we’re not the only ones who are unclear on what “standard bid rules” are  😄

  • '16 '15 '10

    Since TripleA was brought up, here’s a thread discussing bid rules (and the reasons for them) for ladder games re AA50.


    (*) No bomber purchases are allowed for this game and bid combination

    These IPCs may be spent on units to be placed on the board prior to game start. The IPC may be split by the allies in any way. The first restriction is that no more than one unit may be placed per territory. Naval units must go into a sea zone with existing Naval units of the same nation. Placement of naval units in empty sea zones or placement of, for example, British units with American units (and vice versa) is not allowed. Similiarly, ground/air units must be placed in the territories controlled by the same nation. However, ground units may be placed in territories that have no existing ground/air units.

    Unspent IPC’s from the bid can be divided up between the Allies for spending in future turns as the Allied player desires.

    In the lobby, people generally follow these rules as a community even though lobby games are not generally ladder games.

    Since there is no Global ladder, there hasn’t been any discussion on Global bidding rules that I know of.

    I’m undecided on the utility of these rules.  It’s difficult to say whether restricted or unrestricted bidding makes for a better game.

    I’m inclined to think that the excellent Global bid range (about 6-16 or so) makes for a wide variety of bids even WITH restrictions.  So in theory it might not be a bad idea to restrict bids that lead to highly variable outcomes on turn 1, since so much of the game already depends on highly variable G1 attacks.

    Is a seazone surrounding an island consider occupied if it is empty but the Island has units? I.E. Malta.

    Malta sz should be fine since UK starts with a unit there.

  • TripleA

    as bidding is not a part of the official game, bid rules differ upon who is playing.

    i have played hundreds of games of triplea live in the lobby and pbem(play by e-mail) in the old triplea ladder ranking, the vast majority of games i have played are revised, some global, and very few anniversary.  below is what i have seen.

    the most common rules that i have played with(near universal amongst triplea players) is
    1. bid ipcs can be used to place units pregame
    2. units can only be placed in territories or seazones that already have a unit of the same power

    rules that i have seen frequently
    1. only one bid unit per territory or seazone
    2. bid for the alliance that you think is disadvantaged and bid down. (i prefer to use the method used at conventions of bidding for your opponent to play the disadvantaged alliance and bid up.)

    rules i have never played or been asked to use but have seen
    1. all bid ipc must be spent in units and not added to any powers starting income
    2. no bid units to certain powers(such as china)

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