Does Anyone else use Non-standerd Inf pieces ?

  • I like to use HO (1/72 scale) soldiers for Infantry counters.
    Does anyone else do this ?

    A number of companies make excellent pieces ( usually a box of ~ 48 costs 7-11$)
    This allows varied poses.

    This also allows you to use 8th army and Afrika Korps in Africa but standard troops in Europe.
    Ghurka units in India
    Use the oob pieces for Canada etc.

    It also allows for representation of special troop types if you do house rule things like:
    US Marines
    British Comanndos

  • Which companies still make these? Websites please…

  • I have long considered using AA war at sea pieces for my games, but was afraid it would get too confusing. And they are just a hair too big for some spots on the board.

  • The Toy Soldier Company is probably best:
    They have decent pictures of the figures and they are nice knowledgeble and super-easy to order from.
    (Talk to Jamie and tell him why you want them and he will steer you the most appropriate sets
    Click: HO scale soldiers under products and then World War II under the era sub-menu

    Is also good for pictures and reviews of the sets but I’ve never bought from them so don’t know how easy / hard that is

  • Gentlemen,

    Here are the HO and 1/72nd scale Infantry units I have been using for the 20 years.

    All these were purchased from the following manufacture’s who are still producing them.

    AIRFIX, UK, HASEGAWA, JAPAN, MATCHBOX, UK, REVELL, USA AND GERMANY, HELLER, FRANCE, ITALERI, ITALY, IMEX, ITALY, MINI ART, JAPAN.  No decent USA company was producing these type of units when I was in the market for these.

    A bunch of them are re-issues.

    8th Army, British Army, Afrika Korps, Italian Army, Italian Bergsarali, Japanese Army, Luftwaffe personnel, RAF Personnel, UK Commandos, Waffen SS, SS Panzer Gren, Red Guards, Russian Army, US Army, USMC, US Airborne, British Paras, ANZAC, New Zealand, French Army, Italian Mountain troops, Gurkhas, Royal Marines, German Paratroops, 101st Airborne, 82nd Airborne, UK Red Devils.

    Most sets when I purchased them contained between 40 to 60 men and some include additional weapons such as machine guns, mortars, radiomen, wounded and dead men panzerfaust and bazooka teams and flame throwers.


  • '17 '16 '15 '14 '13 '12

    Pictures please Warrior.  On the board next to some pieces for scale size.  Thanks.

  • Yep I use all the same ones that Warrior is talking about ( and have bought from Michagan Toy Company as well - they are also great)

    Scale is perfect for A&A just a sliver smaller then the INF pieces from the game typically

  • Customizer

    I gave that a try before but I didn’t like it. With these sets you guys are talking about, you get all different poses and that just doesn’t look right on the board to me. I like my infantry units to be all in the same standard pose.
    It’s probably the same reason I don’t care for painting the pieces. I’ve seen some fantastic paint jobs on these little pieces but I prefer each nation to be a specific color.

  • I just went and bought 5 or 6 boxes of each set so that I’d have enough units to use all the same pose.

    The unit sculpts are far superior to what is in the games.

    Plus with the variety that are in each box I was able to use different sculpts for the different units.  ie. Infantry, heavy Inf., Marines, Paratroopers, Engineers, Alpine, Snipers.

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