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  • It has been many years since I played the Axis and Allies Milton Bradley version board game.  I liked it a lot, but it quickly broke down to who won the battle for Karelia and that region.

    I got a fairly lame-o computer version about 5 years ago, in a bargain-bundle from Encore software, they named the bundle the “Strategy Hall of Games”.    The artificial intelligence was PATHETIC, a complete waste of time.

    Much later, I purchased the Avalon Hill   “Axis and Allies Pacific”.    This was only okay….an extremely long and very unbalanced game, not much fun.

    I was interested to read that the Avalon Hill update of the basic Axis and Allies adds some new territories, rules and units, in order to remedy flaws in the old board game.  Since it can be pretty close to impossible to find anyone with this game AND the time/willingness to play it  (AND who is not a raving lunatic), I was really hoping I’d find a PC computer version of this Avalon Hill improvement.

    A week ago, I saw a brand-new boxed PC version of Axis and Allies.  I did a Google search, and the reviews seem to indicate that this is just as awful, if not worse, than the Encore bundled game I bought years ago.

    So, bottom line:  where can I get a PC version of the  Avalon Hill basic A&A game?

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    petitioning AH or WOTC is your best bet…

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