Classic A&A world variation using Europe game rules and pieces

  • Just as a thought for those who like the original World game and have the European game as well…

    My war compatriots and i decided to introduce the extra pieces (and their respective rules) into the original world game. We used the European pieces (much nicer) and backed up the missing Japanese destroyers by using the Russian ones, as lets face it, they won’t be needing them!

    We used the grey coloured AA guns from the World game as Japanese artillery, as opposed to the white ones in the new European game.

    With that sorted, we used the same naval rules from the Euro game, which leaves some big opportunities for all navy’s, the Japanese almost invincible with BB taking 2 hits. Germany benefits from being able to buy a destroyer and guard Africa with their BB. Planes useless against subs unless a Destroyer present, the World game is enhanced with the introduction of the naval pieces, and we think more in line with the reality of the important sea battles.

    Artillery adds a good dimention too, lots of possibilities and also a reality.

    We didn’t introduce the bombing raid rules from the European game, we left that as it was. We also didn’t use the ‘Friendly Ally Rule’ either (US / UK units turn red when reaching Russia) as that was a disaster and not a reality.

    It makes the game much more intense and evenly matched, even one side has had a bad first round (especially if an axis nation) there are opportunities to recover.

    It’s still a long game, if you play the axis well, you can win with them.

    Our tried and tested tips for first round stat

    But the UK have to build a factory on India in the first round, its the only way to hold Japan back!

    Russia to build 8 troops and place them all and the rest of their army / air force on Karelia. We play the rule where Russia does not attack on their first round
    Russian navy should be placed in brit sea zone at end of their first go.

    Germany to build a transport to place in the med, the rest on troops and destroy the Brit BB in Gibralter. Taking the Brit sea zone is a much tougher prospect for Germany’s first go now as BB take 2 strikes, so they will have to use most of their air force and the sub / trans.

    Unless the Russians leave Karelia wide open…which they won’t of course…

    Use one fighter to attack Egypt with the troop and tank backed up, win that and Africa is going to yeald plenty of $$. Germany need the African money to hold the western coast and the east. Germany don’t attack Russia, they hold with equal numbers.

    The UK have to build a factory on India in the first round, its the only way to hold Japan back! They will be poor but their outlet is India. Build sea units in prep, if they still have a BB at the end of round 1, get it out of the way until the Usa are ready. Build and prepare and niggle the Japanese in the east.

    Japan…Pearl Harbour first, then wipe out the US west coast BB and head back. They have to buy 2 transports on their first go and more after, they need transports, unless they can build a factory on Manchuria without the Russian threat, which they can’t for a couple of rounds. They can take that fleet into the Atlantic if they want…confusing, but bad news for the allies.

    Usa…Fleet build up…forget the west coast, carrier and destroyers and tons of transports, they probably won’t have too much bother from Japan after they’ve cleared the Pacific, bar an invasion of Alaska…For the Usa, it’s ‘Germany first’ They can go for Africa after a couple of rounds along with the British…depending where the Japanese go with their fleet!

    Good luck, has anyone else tried this way? like to hear opinions.

    Never have time for weapons development, buts its still in the rules!

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    please post whatever rules you got written down. Its hard to follow strategy for games we don’t know the rules for, unless you are doing NOTHING except using the complete AAE rules for AAR verbatum, which still requires some rules to conform it to AAR.

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