• This is just the overview of my review of Historical Board Gaming’s Battle Pieces (axis minors, neutrals, US supplement and US marines)

    Full Review with Photos can be found here

    Full review with photos here


    Overall the battle pieces from Historical Board Gaming are definitely superior to out of box Axis and Allies pieces in detail and general feel.  Some of the sizes could probably use a little bit of work but in general they are very similar to out of box dimensions with few exceptions (such as the slightly bulky transports and smallish armored cars).  For $9.95 per set of 28-30 pieces (33-35 cents per piece) you are getting excellent value to expand your existing board games with unique units.

    Not wanting to provide pieces that are the same as those you can find in Axis and Allies already, HBG has done an excellent job expanding upon the types of units available right out of the, providing a wide range of house rules possibilities (many of which are discussed frequently on the Axisandallies.org forums) or just as alternatives for existing pieces to spice up your game board.

    Customer satisfaction is definitely a high priority for HBG as well. They are constantly on the forums talking to the customers and gathering opinions and advice on new pieces. Two thumbs up for listening to the customers so diligently!

    As HBG continues to make more specialty units for Axis and Allies and other similar board games they keep on improving their quality. While their first sets were well done the newest of their product releases have come a long way in quality and detail and they just keep getting better!

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