• I would like to know the correct rules reguarding flying over aa guns in combat.
    If you are sending fighters and bombers into battle and they fly over an aa gun on the way there, does the defender roll each plane individually, or does he just roll the number of dice equal to the number of planes, and let the attacker choose casualties. I know in the cd it does it the first way, is this incorrect? Thanks for any info. I know that in actual battle (aa gun is at destination) You would do it the second way.

    Also, do these have to be resolved before any other combat, or can they be done whenever (as long as they are done before the battle the planes are in is done)

    Also, what do you do if there are planes flying over, and attacking the country
    do you just roll for the total number of planes? or is it split up between those attacking and flying over?

  • You roll one die for each plane as it enters the area. Loses are determined by the aggressor and are taken immediately. You can resolve attacks in any order.

  • So you if a bomber and a fighter fly over, you would roll a die for the bomber, say it hits. then one for the fighter, it misses. The bomber dies? Or do you just roll 2 dice and let the attacker choose. Also, could you roll and unrelated battle before air flying over somewhere else, or does that have to come first?

  • If a fighter and a bomber fly over an AA gun to the same battle, you use two dice and the attacker chooses what he loses. If they are doing separate attacks, roll them that way.

    This is how you should figure it:

    1. Declare all attacks including flight plans.
    2. Choose one attack, a regular battle or a SBR.
    3. Roll one die for each plane that flies over an AA gun in each territory.

    Say you are making a SBR on Karelia and also attacking Russia with two fighters that fly over Karelia. Choose the SBR first (I seem to remember the rules saying do these first anyway), so roll 1 die for the bomber. Then do the Russia attack. Roll two dice for flying over Karelia, then a die for each that survives to attack Russia. On the way home during non-combat, AA guns don’t fire.

    I think that’s how it’s done based on what I know from SBRs. I’ve been proven wrong by official clarifications recently, so take it with a grain of salt. It’s just how I’ve always done it.

  • THat´s my understanging of the AA rules as well.

  • Since WHEN??!??

    The defender has always determined what the defender loses and the attacker has always determined what the attacker loses in every game and every situation I have ever played or observed. Do I live in a different universe?!?

  • @El:

    Do I live in a different universe?!?

    Yes? :-?

    What were you replying to?

  • in the cd version it says “2 fighters were shot down over karelia” or “a bomber was shot down” You don’t get to choose.

  • Were there more planes joined in those attacks? Can you give a specific example?

    With Karelia and Russia again, if you sent one bomber to attack Russia flying over Karelia and two fighters to Karelia, then it should roll those two attacks separately. In that case, it would just tell you what you lost since the fighters and bomber are separate. If on the other hand, two fighters and a bomber are attacking the same territory and it isn’t letting you choose which to lose, then it is incorrect.

  • Jefe: How is this different from the rules you play with? No one is arguing against the defender choosing his own losses and the attacker choosing his own losses.

  • '19 Moderator


    Jefe: How is this different from the rules you play with? No one is arguing against the defender choosing his own losses and the attacker choosing his own losses.

    Sometimes I think he reads every other line of the post he is questioning. :wink:

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