Rule Question about attacking Hawaii on J1?

  • I want to attack Hawaii on J1 so that the American Fighter in EUSA cant counter attack.  Here is my question:  I’ve always read people talking about attacking hawaii and being able to get a fighter there to attack the land.  How can a fighter reach to attack land at hawaii and which one? Because correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure a fighter can’t reach and attacking hawaii with 2 inf is very risky.

  • Will Someone that knows please answer my question……How can you attack Hawaiin land with a fighter on J1? How does it get there and which fighter is it?

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    Fighter from SZ 50 to Hawaii
    Armor from Japan to Hawaii
    Infantry from Wake Island to Hawaii

    SZ 52:

    Carrier, Destroyer from SZ 50 to SZ 52
    Battleship, Transport from SZ 60 to SZ 52
    Submarine from SZ 45 to SZ 50
    Fighter, Bomber from Japan to SZ 52

    Should be noted that the attack on Hawaii has very poor odds.  But if you get lucky on round 1, you can kill the defending fighter there.

  • If you’re playing the original game the fighter on the carrier can make it to Hawaii. On the non-combat move the carrier moves to the Hawaii sea zone to pick it up.

  • Thanks Jenn and Gatorade.  I have orig. version (2nd edition).  So Gatorade answered my question, but I already had figured it out after reading the rulz very carefully.  I thought fighters that were on carriers had to count sz that carrier was in as first move to get off the carrier but I was wrong. Thanks!

    I guess I just forgot about that one.  I am very experienced player but new to this forum.  Can you play people on-line if you have CD version.  And which A&A version is it?  Cuz I have seen one that is in most stores now, and I dont think thats the right one. Its a RTS or something like that…so where can I get CD version (for 2nd edition) for this game?

    My favorite Japan opening is taking Hawaii and going Pearl Heavy.  Then next turn take Aust. Then next turn take India.  Fleet gets to India on turn 3 and coordinates amphibious assault with land battle against India…no way Allies can defend India that way if you wait until round 3 to take it.  No matter what the allies can get to India…India falls on round 3 everytime guarantee if I’m playin as Japan.

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    E-bay is probably your best bet to get the 1998 Hasbro CD…just get the original version…not the Iron Blitz version which is a piece of crap.   
    Check out my post on the software forum for all the details on the WARZONE where 3rd edition CD axis and allies is played.  Let me know if you want to try to dl it for free, I’ll try to find a link for you.

  • Airforce,

    i have that version also and not only is it possible to attack hawaii, but you can do so in overwhelming fashion. heres what i do:

    combat move:
    1)load 2 troops from japan into transport. move than and the battleship into the hawaii seazone

    2)move the carrier/w 1 fighter and the battleship to the hawaii seazone

    3)move sub into hawaii sea zone.

    4)take bomber and fighter from japan and head into hawaii seazone

    5)take fighter from manchuria and head into hawaii seazone

    6)2 troops from transport and 1 fighter from aircraft carrier target hawaii island.

    depending on what russia does, i may also move 2 troops from philipines into manchuria

    battle 1, sea battle

    2 battleships, 2 fighters, 1 sub, and 1 aircraft carrier    vs  1 fighter , 1 aircraft carrier, and a sub.

    essentially, ill most likely lose 2 units, and i choose the sub and a fighter. at the same time, ill probably destroy him in 1st rnd

    battle 2, hawaii island

    1 fighter, 2 troopers  vs  1 troop.

    another battle that should be easily won. if you havent kiled him and he hits you, choose a troop. that way u still have a fighter to maximize your attack. u usualy lose 1 trooper in this battle

    non combat:
    1)fly bomber to new guinea, setting it up for 2nd turn invasion
    2)fly fighter from philipines to manchuria
    3) fly remaining 2 fighters from hawaii battles and land them on aircraft carrier

    i now have hawaii island in control with 1 trooper on it and a sea force of 2 battleships, 2 fighters, 1 aircraft carrier, and a transport protecting it.

    then i place the transport, fighter, and 1 troop (23 ipc) i bought at beginning of turn on japan and collect 26 ipc (barring any interferance from russia)

  • One question,
    You sent 1 fighter to haw from the ac in car ,and 2 fighters to haw sz from jap & manch. All 3 fighters took 3 movements to get to their destination. Isn’t one of them fighters on a suicide mission because there is only 1 carrier to land on?

  • you would be correct scardog. lol i dont know why i put 3 fighters total. sorry about that misprint.

    even with only 2 fighters, it is still pretty much a lock (barring crazy rolls)

    and i made another misprint as well

    instead of "combat:
    battle 1, sea battle

    2 battleships, 2 fighters, 1 sub, and 1 aircraft carrier    vs  1 fighter , 1 aircraft carrier, and a sub."

    it should be 2 battleships, 1 bomber, i fighter*, 1 sub……

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