• Hi, I was reading the rules book, and it states that if you move into or fly over a neutral then neutrality is violated, and you must pay 3 ipc’s. The thing that doesn’t make sence is flying over. Can you capture a neutral by just flying over it? wouldn’t land forces have to occupy it? Thanks for any info.

    I posted this question on another forum, but it seems like no one answered, No need to post both places, I will check both forums for replies. Thanks.

  • All you need to do is a fly-over, pay 3 and it is yours. No need to occupy it.

  • @Kobu:

    All you need to do is a fly-over, pay 3 and it is yours. No need to occupy it.

    Kobu is right. If you fly over a neutral territory – you violated neutrality and must pay 3 ipcs.

    “If you are the FIRST player to move land units into or fly air units over a neutral territory, you automatically capture it with no battle … when you enter the neutral territory with land units, they must all stop there and end their move there. Tanks cannot “blitz” through a neutral territory; when you fly air units over a neutral territory, they do not stop there, but it is still considered violating neutrality!”

  • although neutrals are partial to Canadian medical students from Winnipeg with brown hair, so i manage to access these countries with little more than a wave . . . 🙂

  • ok thanks, I just wanted to make sure because the cd game confuses me about that!

  • No neutrals worth taking in the game except Spain. 😉

  • Why Spain?? The allies can take down Germany with out it!!!

  • Usually, I won’t. Period. But in a casual game, Spain might be a good staging point for an Allied attack on W. Europe (assuming the odds for taking W. Europe that turn aren’t good). It forces the Germans to shift units from the Eastern Front to counter the threat, giving Russia better odds.

  • actually, mongolia isn’t worthless, I have seen good japan players take it (you can leave men there and attack on all sides) also, argentina or venuzala and maybe sweden…
    Even the ones in africa could work in odd circumstances (evading capture)
    even turkey (in an odd reverse persia push? like spain to capture western europe, turkey to capture caucasus.

    the only ones I haven’t seen are peru switzerland and eire.

  • Even the ones in africa could work in odd circumstances (evading capture)

    Not exactly sure about this. Taking a Neutral cost 3 IPCs and most African territories are worth 1 IPC. So for a quick escape, you’re effectively losing the income that 3 territories would generate… :-?


    -> Peru

    Possible… I’ve seen this happen so it allows Japan a turn earlier to take Brazil (assuming the trn stayed alive after Pearl Harbor)


    Seen it. Though not sure if it’s worth it.

  • Spain would be good for the Germans if they ever wanted to capture Gibralter or destroy any Allied units there.

  • Venezula can be useful for US … in order to move troops (via land) to Brazil. Pay 3 ipcs (one time) and bam – you got yourself a land bridge to S. America (no need for transports). This is more useful when US has no naval strength … like after Russia falls and Japan turns all forces towards US.

    There are rare instances where a few neutral territory are worth capturing, but it’s really a matter of circumstances.

  • I’ll stick with my first response, Spain is not needed to defeat Germany.

    Yes taking it can help sometimes, but if you think that Spain holds the key then watch out. While you are focusing on Spain the German player might take England after you have taken Spain. So becareful about being so excited over one area!!!

  • Germany taking England!??? 😮 Care to explain?

    As for using Spain to take Gibralter, I much rather use the transport instead. Remember, all units must stop after taking an Neutral. There’s no blitzing.

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