• Hey, I’m primarily a revised player but am looking back at 2nd Edition. I’ve never played it before but given reasonable bids for axis (giant bid, no RR), if anyone wants an easy game via TripleA, I’m up for it.

    In revised, the USA needed two sets of transports, usually a total of 8. One was bouncing between Canada and either Algeria or London. The other set typically operates in the med or the Baltic. Only one set is needed to land constant waves into Europe in 2nd Ed. So in Classic, does the USA typically stop with one group of about 6 transports and just march troops through Canada, dropping on Norway/Finland and walking them to Karelia?

    The weakness I see in this is that in order to make a move on Eastern or Berlin, one must break the Shuck, which a big price especially if you fail. Is this inflexibility a lesser evil than building two sets of transports or a light overbuild? Is there a “standard” of how many transports the US has and how they operate?

    Also, suppose that the UK goes to the Baltic or Barents to reinforce Karelia directly. With a simple swap fleet between ECAN and Norway, the US can’t follow without breaking their shuck, so it’s possible that one set of transports is under defended. Are two transport fleets the solution here? Part of me says no, because that would involve defending two sea zones UNLESS Germany is muscled out of France or just doesn’t have enough planes to be a threat. Am I missing a simple solution like by that time, the US battleship will be there?

    Basically, what I’m curious to know is: about how many transports, one group or two and how to best defend them. I like to work out my best guesses at the optimized logistics of the moves myself.


  • It looks like you are manufacturing the questions in order to clear some doubts you have, and end up confusing things further.

  • If I ever play a few games of Classic, I’m sure I’ll figure it out so I kind of forgot about this post. Notice it was from late August.

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