• Was playing a game last night and the following occured.
    Germany attacked Russian infantry in Karelia with infantry stack and won.
    On the same turn Germany attacked Russia proper with a large number of tanks from eastern Europe moving them through the newly captured Karelia.

    This didn’t seem legit but we couldn’t find anything in the rule book that said it was not allowed.

    Clarification would be much appreciated

  • '10

    The move is not allowed because all combat movement occurs simultaneously. The only circumstance where you could move the armor to russia thru a newly captured Karelia would be in Non Combat movement which means you would already have control of Russia

  • Official Q&A

    Yes, no further combat movement is allowed once combat begins.

  • Something I struggled with as well because I usually make a move then battle then move into another battle, so on……but yeah you cannot move through freshly conquered territory, you must stop at that territory for that turn.

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