Axis strategy if Japan falls to US

  • i’m relatively new to A&A – but it seems to me like the Axis team’s game was essentially over at the point that Japan got taken over by the US. but maybe there’s a way for them to come back?

    Japan completely overtook 80% of Russia, including Moscow, but left Tokyo relatively weak, so the US swept in and took over the Japanese capital. since Japan can no longer earn IPCs, can they give the Russian capital and other Soviet territories over to the Germans so that those territories’ IPC-potential doesn’t go to waste?

    i read that that’s against the rules, but is there some remedy for the Germans that i’m not seeing? or is Japanese-occupied Russia & Asia, in this case, just a sitting duck, ripe for the Allies but worthless for the Nazis?

    sorry if that’s a stupid question. i was the Allies, so i’m not complaining!

  • This is not a very good Japan player. The moment you see Transports off the coast of Western US you should start stockpiling a couple of troops. When the trns get to Alaska/Hawaii - recall all of your ships and stockpile many troops. All planes should be on/near Japan for an attack on the Americans force at this point.
    You actually caught me by surprise as i’ve NEVER seen Japan even come close to falling before Germany did. Usually the Jap player sees the assault coming a long way off. i think if Japan does fall, then Germany should just shrug its shoulders, say “oh well, it was almost fun”, and kick his allies ass. That is if Japan can not retake the island with troups on Manchuria IMMEDIATELY. Still the cash-flow situation is a bad one with the allies getting Japan’s cash and Japan getting nothing (esp if it had much of Asia).
    Good job Mr. Ally-guy. You shouldn’t have done it, but you did. Good work.

  • In regard to your question, the Japanese territories cannot be taken (or given) to the Germans. They just sort of sit there with no income being drawn from them untill the Allies take them; of course, after the Allies take them the Germans can gain control of these territories.

  • thanks. y’all answered both of my questions. i’ll stop feeling sorry for my Axis opponent – he should have known better!

  • d_,

    If you are still around(or anyone else fer dat matter)…
    If Japan cannot take back the homeland…s/he can attack Allies to help Germany or use forces to bolster germany’s defense somwhars!
    Not much left to do but learn from the MISTAKE!

    “Death becomes him.” 😄 - Xi

  • On a side note, their areas still count toward economic victory.

  • If the US goes after Japan 100%, then Japan should see it coming AND Germany should have the game nearly wrapped up on half of the planet…

  • While Japan should have seen the US coming, and probably the US should have been concentrating on Germany instead (unless the US player saw some opportunity) Germanys strategy really doesn’t change. Germany must take Russia. With USSR gone, and a couple of turns to consolidate it will be very difficult for GB and USA to take out Germany. Germany can then use the USSR as a base to take over Asia and Africa towards an economic victory.

  • KC,
    It depends. 😛
    Your best rum,please, and honey, do me a favor. Put an ice cube in and stir it with your finger. - Xi

  • KC,

    I would love to beat, err, play against you.
    If YOUR strategy as Germany never changes, then there is a big problem. When you play against a Britain who knows what he’s doing, Germany will be UNABLE to take Russia by herself. In 9 out of 10 of my Axis victories, Germany has only 3 or 4 territories left when Japan takes Russia, Karelia, and Africa. (Germany usually has Germany, S. Euro and W. Euro when Japan saves the day)

    This is with endlessly stacked infantry and a strong Luftwaffe. If you, as Germany, can do significantly more, than you need better oponents.

    Maybe me. 😄

  • Interesting comments and I have made an unwarranted assumption :oops: : that if USA has taken Japan (with resources diverted from European theater to do this), and Japan has taken over most of Russia then Russia cannot be far from falling. Obviously this is not necessarily the case depending on how the the game has been played.

    Still I believe that if USSR has fallen, and with Germany holding W. Europe (6 ipc), S. Europe (6 ipc), Germany (8 ipc) along with Moscow (8 ipc) E. Europe (3), Ukraine (3) and Caucasia (spelling?) (3) then Germany could have an industrial production of 37 ipc so I would not immediately concede defeat.

    I suppose my strategy would change in that the capture of Moscow would become much more urgent (thinking economic victory with whats left of Japan).

    If USSR has not fallen, or cannot be made to fall within 1 turn at this point, along with some IPCs gained elsewhere (by Japan? Karelia?) then yes it almost certainly would be over for the Axis as the US then can concentrate on Germany, and/or take over Asia from Japan increasing its ipcs even more.

  • 37 ipc’s is not very much if you are alone and Japan has no chance of being liberated any time soon.

  • If Japan falls and your Germany,Put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.Unless you have home rules and expansions with with more technology to aquire…IE. NUKES,you hurtin my friend unless your opponents are completely incompetent.I speak from expierience I was the Fatherland and my buddy playing Japan was finaly crippled beyond repair and next thing I knew I was gettin hit from all sides.I managed to bullshit them into a cease fire…the game had lasted several weekends.

  • you survived?

  • But he was using custom rules, not standard ones.

  • I wasnt using custom rules just the basic game.Basically my friends were tired of playing and thats how I survived.The game lasted a long time.

  • ah, they were tired

  • opps that was me

  • That’s always a god strategy. Hit 'em when they become sloppy!

  • LOL :lol:

  • willnever or willever?

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