• So I humble myself before the collected mass of veteran players. I am a newbie, that is correct, one who is new to A&A, and I have a question.

    Is it possible for the Axis to win?

    Not only has it been proven in all the games of A&A I play that the Axis will always loose (Germany is crushed and Japan overun by all three nations or Japan and Germany futz around too long and the world comes down on them) but it just doesn’t seem like there’s a break for them. All the strategy for the Allies on this site is iron-clad but most of the Axis ones end in “from here, the game could go any way”.

    This means the other players need to make mistakes in order for you to win. That would have to be a massively long line of mistakes in order for the UK or America to fall.

    Any advice? Is it possible for the axis to win? how?

  • Well, it is generally agreed the Axis are at a disadvantage. Try playing with the Russia Restricted rule, which means Russia cannot attack on the first turn, but they can still buy, do noncombat movement, and place units.

    It should tip the balance of power a bit.

  • I’ll try that… but I doubt it will make much difference… the people I play with play in the “Mass-Attack” method… they hide in their countries defending themselves until they have a disgusting amount of units and then overpower whoever’s around them until another country does that back.

    I’m the only person who takes a country on the first turn…

    So I dunno if Russia restricted is gonna make much difference.

  • my (admittedly limited) experience has shown that even with decent Allies, Russia should fall within the first 6 turns or so for the Axis to force the Allies to at least concede the game. The longer the Allies hold out, the surer their victory is. An aggressive focussed attack by the Axis can bring about swift victory tho’ - and this is without Russia restricted.

  • If you are playing against other new players, then the Axis can certainly win. The game really isn’t unbalanced until you get the advanced level of the game.

    In addition to the Russia Restricted rule, I highly recommend playing with another common variant as well: the 84 IPC victory rule for the Axis, but no IPC victory is allowed for the Allies. This keeps the Allies from being too stagnant/passive and playing ‘infantry buildup’.

  • Economic victory doesn’t make much of a difference no matter what way you look at it. If you’re playing a game of numbers, there are 147 IPCs on the board. If the Axis are able to get 84 of them, that means the Allies can only receive 63 IPCs per round. Suddenly you can use their strat of turtling against them now that you have the IPC edge.

    Second, if you’re the only one attacking, great! Choose Japan and gobble are much territory as possible. Before long, Russia will be force to send troops to defend its home boarders in the Far East, and that is the time for Germany to strike. If the Allies don’t counterattack, then they will be forced to. Asia alone is worth 19 IPCs, along with a handful of Allied held islands. This alone should push Japan to over 44 IPCs a turn and catapulting the Axis chances of success.

  • Any advice? Is it possible for the axis to win? how?

    Yes, people seem to agree that the Allies have the advantage. But I have played in many games where the Axis have won.

    First, you must understand that each side has advantages and disadvantages. You mentioned the Massive attack strategy- the allies build up until they have a massive amount of guys, and then send an force impossible to stop. That strategy assumes one thing- that the allies are out producing the Axis. If the Axis can out produce the Allies- this will never work.

    So take a look- add up what the Axis are producing and what the Allies are producing. As you can guess- the Allies start out with an advantage. But, the Axis have more units in play- so what they need to do is attack attack attack.

    In my experience- the war is won in Africa and Asia. If the Axis can grab them fast enough, they can out produce the allies and win.

    Have germany go after Russia full blast. Keep a count on the number of transports England has- remember they won’t be launching a very heavy invasion until they get enough ships to support this.

    Japan- again, go after the Asian mainland The US will eventually run you over in the Pacific, but if you can take over Asia fast enough, you’ll be able to build a fleet to stop them cold.

    Don’t foget- the country that outproduces wins. Identify where new ICs are needed, and put them their to speed up the war effort.

  • Moderator

    I usually try to get the axis combined IPC over 70 by the end of round 3 (gain about 6 IPC per rd–mostly Japan) then you have a chance. I figure if I get 71 IPC or so as the axis and the allies get 76, I can make up a 2 man disadvantage. And then in rd 4 try to take the IPC lead. I’ve found that if I’m not close to 70 by rd 3 then I’ve likely taken too long to mount a serious offensive and the allies are already building up for an invasion. If Ger can hold from Egypt to South Africa (6-7 IPC) then you’re in good shape. And you guys are right Japan must just press towards Russia as quickly as possible.

  • Heres a piece of advice, Industrial Complexes are overrated. When possible, use Transports instead. Remember, don’t build too many tanks, Infantry are far more effective.

  • Yeah, remember an early IC is a huge investment so be sure you can protect it. Now the only countries that have to worry about ICs are Japan and UK (competitively, the 3 other powers should not buy ICs). The greatest placement of an IC is India and it has its strengths and weaknesses. Personally, I’m against an IC in India for UK, though others are for it. For Japan? You really don’t want to build an IC in India until later in the game, after you have sufficient infantry to take the rest of Asia. I like an IC in India because it allows me to also move ARM in Africa, southern Europe, or Russia if need be.

  • Also DarthMaximus is right. Axis and Allies is a game of numbers, and whatever side can outproduce the other has the greatest shot of winning. I don’t think the Allies have the advantage at the beginning of the game (unless you base this only on starting IPC income) but the Axis in terms of striking point. Germany and Japan (especially) need to press this point by attacking as many areas as possible and netting absolute IPC income each turn. Whenever you have loss the momentum (ATB) for the Axis, then the game is lost. However, that doesn’t mean making foolish attacks. Germany shouldn’t bum rush Russia and Japan should risk not outrunning themselves in Asia in the first turn (and I see this happening a lot). It all comes down to sustained operations under the optimal of attacking conditions.

  • Problem is, although they have a huge force on the board, the Axis powers are bottlenecked. Japan needs a few turns to purchase the needed Transports to get themselves in force onto the Mainland. Germany needs to reinforce Africa, but besides that there is really no place for the German player to go.

  • True. But at the start of the game, the Axis have so many more options than the Allies. The only Allied power that can really attack a territory on the first turn is Russia, and that’s with no RR. As the turns increase the Allies’ options increase immeasurably. That is why the Germans and Japanese most strike as quickly as possible. Even with such a limited transport fleet, Germany and Japan can make huge land grabs on the opening turn. For Germany, up to three Allied territories (4 IPCs) and Japan up to two territories (4 IPCs).

  • I recently had a great axis win, controlling Eusope, then ferrying bombers from French N-G to cuba, and launching a mass air offensive. Mostly used Japan as a sheild, harassing more than anything else the Russian and U.S resources

  • Hmmm. Germany taking Cuba and using it to conduct mass bombing raids?

    Anonymous, hats off to you as you just received my coveted “Noprize” for your insane tactics. :razz: It’s moves like these that really make Axis and Allies great, and break away from the traditional move. It seems you got a pretty tight strategy going on, though be sure to fortify Cuba against any likely American air raids on those defenseless bombers.

  • Another good spot for an Axis bomber base is Brazil. It’s worth 3 (that’s always a nice bonus) and you can bomb the heck out of every Atlantic sea zone plus a few territories in Africa. Of course Germany can already do that from Western Europe, so I guess I meant to say a Japanese bomber base.

  • Corporal Punishment,

    I use the same idea, too. :smile: What I do is defeat the Americans at Pearl Harbor and move my forces all the way into Brazil. But with the IC, I’m more intent on build Subs and causing carnage to Atlantic waters. With the Japanese Navy serving as back up, I longer have to worry about pesky fighters! I find this a surefire way of making sure the Allies don’t attempt to reconquer Africa from the Germans, giving them the economical boast. Once I’ve thoroughly ruined whatever American ships exist (by blockading their coast), I then move in for the kill and wreck havoc all over the North Sea. Great game we had, the Germans and Japanese teaming up to manhandle UK and USA back to ports of Karelia.

  • yes, my friends and ihavewn wit the axis…first, we built japas lad troops on kwangtung, thenwhen we had over 26 inf, 16 armors, and 8 bombers, as well as 17 fighters, we went after the russin front, we eigned victorious onall frots we faced, an when i reached the oher side of russia, my friend and iteamed up to take out UK, then teamed our navies, ine bilt to the max, and deeated USA fro all land, and ruled te gme…bu, we are only15

  • 8 bombers and 16 fighters!? Well they say nothing suceeds like excess. But what were the Allied Players doing? I’m more of the type where a good plan right now is better than an excellent plan 5 minutes from now.

  • I disagree, I think Brazil is a horrible Axis base. It is too easily taken by America. South Africa is better, America can’t get there right away.

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