• i have been playing with a house rule ware if you take spain you also get there african taritory. for thoughs that don’t know, the 3 taritorys that remain nutrel in africa are spanish owned so if you take spain you get what they own.

  • Does it really matter? I mean are you giving them any IPC value?

  • if the people i em playing with agree i give spain a value of 2 and angolia a value of 1
    but you have to pay that extra when you invade

  • Ha! Cruisin’ the archives and find some crazy ideas.
    with this one I’d wait till my opponent invaded then take 'em back.He wasted 6 IPCs to invade :lol: Plus, it spreads Axis too thin in Europe.
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  • I’m pretty sure those nuetral countries were actually under portugese influence, not that it matters considering the spainish territory includes portugal. but if you take spain have you thought of includeing some of those nuetral nations in south america?

  • You’re right, Angola and Mozambique were Portuguese colonies. Spain’s colonies were Spanish Morocco and Western Sahara.

  • for the south amarican countrys i gave each of them a value of 1 but the only one that i can think of that would have any strategic value would be venizuela-colombia, so you could move troops from the us to brazil or visa-versa

  • This would be perfect job for the Japanese Navy.

  • Uh, yup! Yup! 2x Yup!
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  • well if you build an ipc in brazil

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