• OK. My local group is planning to start playing again after a loooong layoff.

    We are trying to avoid a bid system. We just like the ol’ coin flip. We have settled on 3rd edition rules with RR, German rockets from the start, and Jap kamikazes. Any idea what Jap kamikazes will do other than make a full blown PH attack easier? I don’t see them having much effect.

    Wouldn’t the game have been alot more even if they had just given Germany a couple more inf in africa to begin with? I am sure many have written Hasbro about it over the past 15-20 years.

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    I don’t think Kamikazes will help too much. You don’t want to waste your axis ftrs early or at all really. I’d consider giving Germany rockets and Japan super subs instead, or maybe give both Ger and Jap rockets. Of course J would have to move an AA gun to Asia, but it might be better than a bid if you don’t want to go that route.

  • Cool. I like German Rockets T1. But I agree w/ Darth: kamikazes (in A&A game terms) aren’t really like the real thing in WWII. Since it just means you can choose to attack without needing to be able to land somewhere, it’s kind of a losers’ option. If it was like “a FTR can attack at 6 for 1 combat, then it is automatically lost” that’d be a cooler & more accurate “Japan only” kamikaze rule. But the way it is Super Subs might be better (although even less historically accurate)…

    I think the original plan in Africa was that it’d be a bold gamble for the Afrika Corps to pull off the T1 invasion of Egypt, so they wanted the forces there to be equal. Since there is no qualitative difference between units of different nationalities in the game, the actual force distribution in Africa in 1942 is more-or-less impossible to simulate in A & A. For instance, adding a FTR to the Afrika Corps isn’t really accurate since BOTH forces had aircraft. Adding an ARM doubles the ARM strength of the Germans vs. the UK–that’s not too accurate either. Same thing w/ INF. What do you do? A & A is just not complex enough to be really historically accurate & very few people would want to play it if it was! Now that’s not to say it should have NO bearing on its “subject”–WWII–that’s part of the fun. But it’s gotta be somewhat of a loose interpretation or it’d, y’know–be like 6 years long or something! 😉


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