• So in the regular rules can the attacker using sneak subs decide what units he destroys.  In case, a lone sub sneak attacks 2 battleships and a transport, and the attacker claims he gets to decide what unit he kills, but I find no mention of it in the rule book.  He says that it doesn’t say in the rule book that the attacker can’t decide therefore the attackr can choose to do this tatic of destorying the unit of choice.  Any thouhts?

  • The defender always gets to decide. If the rulebook doesn’t specify in the case of sub sneak attacks, that’s because the rulebook applies the rule of the defender deciding the casualty universally. After all, the rulebook doesn’t specify who chooses a casualty for a battleship’s bombardment attack either I believe, but in that case it’s the defender as well. The player who controls the army under fire always gets to choose who dies first.

  • There is ONLY 1 time that the attacker gets to choose defender losses…

    In a multiplayer game where multinational forces are attacked, and the defending players cannot decide, the Attacker decides.

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