• Sorry If this is in the wrong section……

    I had been watching a friend play this Axis@ allies game the collectors edition… and he gave me the install disc trying to install and run it but it gets all most done and another window pops up and says enter play disc is there another 2nd disc he dident give me or is there something I can do or type or DL some where ty for any help … and I know this is a axis forum but is there any other games I could dl for free off the net that are like this game … Ty again in advance

  • I guess ya guys don’t know Shit no one has even said 1 thing and 32 views thanx for the help Plz delete my account ty ……

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    Most people on here won’t say anything if they don’t have the answer, Nate.

    Unfortunately, many of us are no longer familiar with the CD Roms.  However, you may feel free to download a program called TripleA which has a rudimentary artificial intelligence to play against you (or you can play someone else by setting all nations to human controlled.)

    A simple search should find it in various places on the internet for you.

    Other then that, nothing i can do to help you, bud.

  • There are at least 2 PC games out there, one by Hasbro, another by Atari.

    Knowing which is giving you the problem would help.

    Also, there is a specific “software” thread where many of our more technically inclined folks are active…


  • @__NATE__:

    I guess ya guys don’t know sh*t no one has even said 1 thing and 32 views thanx for the help Plz delete my account ty ……


    dwnload 'n install, find games in teh lobby and gett reddy to be complitly pwned.

    u r a totally noob, right. suxor  :roll:

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