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    Any detailed blue prints, or suggestions on how to attack the US on American soil?

    (edit) a total coincidence that I opened this thread on Dec. 7th.

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    Honestly… the best invasions of the US are done via ropa-dope moves…  You go in showing Sea-Lion, they don’t exepect it, and you hammer em.

    I like to park the Germany Navy off of Gibraltar on G2 sometimes - Showing Med, Possible Sea-Lion, or an African Campaign… The italians can follow suit…

    Next thing you know, the Americans are busy worrying about the Pac, and you hammer em… It’s about a 1 in 10 chance, but even experienced players can make the mistake.

  • I would think it depends on your idea of “home soil” because occupying Hawaii would count as that. However I think that Japan has the best ability to do this, by striking at Alaska and pulling on the those “polar-express” strats where you funnel Japanese troops to alaska and Canada.

    As far as detailed (I apologize I dont have time for a more indepth one) plan goes, I would add 4 more transports or so and purchase 2 more tanks. I would concentrate 5 transports in sz6 with the remainder (about 2) to join the existing fleets from sz19 sz20 and sz33 to sz36 to give the illusion of an India Crush. Then, on or near turn 3 I would strike out from sz6 to sz8 and sz2 depending on the position of the US fleet. I am basing this on the assumption that the US fleet will be concentrated in sz26 thinking they will have to race across the central pacific to relieve the pressure they think i’ll be putting on India. If this is the case then my entire surface fleet will be concentrated in sz8, with 1 transport worth of units dropping in the Aleutian Islands the rest going into sz2 and dropping them directly into Alaska. Dont know if you’d be able to get a second run worth of troops to Alaska as the US counter-attack might be more then you can handel, but if you do you can shuck troops back and forth and keep America from charging right for sz6

  • Its a huge risk.  Moving the G3 Sealion to SZ91 gives the US 52 IPC to spend in SZ101 which most likely will be 2 BB + 1 Fighter.  It can probably move 2 Fighters to Eastern US from the Pacific SZ to Scramble.  Assuming at least 1 AC was placed in SZ101 in the first 2 US turns, your looking at breaking through 1 AC + 2 Fighters, 2 BB, 1 Cruiser, 2 Fighters to Scramble.

    The Italian Fleet in a best case scenario will be able to land everything but its starting Transport and Destroyer plus 1 Sub.  The US will still be able to absorb 3 hits before losing any ships and its first round counter included 4d6 for Fighters against all 3 non-subs plus 2d6 for the BB.  Italy is going to need a high luck roll to sink much on the first round of combat, although it may be able to sacrifice its subs to sink the Cruiser on a round 2 attack and if real lucky cripple one of the two BB or the AC.

    Basically the Sealion is going to have to do the heavy lifting to get through all of that on a G4 attack at SZ101.  Any later round attacks aren’t reasonable as the US’s income and unit placement changes drastically.

    It is tempting, however, to see that the Eastern US likely will have 1 Inf, 3 Mech, 1 Art, 1 Tank as its only ground units in Eastern US.  Against that, you really only need 5 Transports to be 95% certain of a victory  (1 Inf, 1 Art in each).  4 Transports is 83% Certain and 3 transports = failed Amphib in my book at 37% certain.  Assuming the US places no land units on US1 through 3, you can probably adjust your Sealion accordingly for more offensive sea units to break through SZ101 and land the Amphib.

    The other significant advantage is that by posing this threat to Eastern US, is that the US won’t be moving a carrier and 2 fighters onto Hawaii for the J4 attack there.  In fact, it may entirely withdraw to the Western US from Hawaii which is very advantageous to the Japanese fight in the Pacific due to the advantages of a defending fleet versus an attacking fleet at Hawaii while being able to project onto the Western US after taking Hawaii.

  • i tried something like this (it was alpha 2), however i think it would still work. Bear in mind there’s a lot of troll crap to read through.


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