• When it comes to A and A I talk a lot. So my group decided to go all against me. Its 3v1 and I’m axis. We’re still new to G40 so none of the refined strategies I’ve read here have really been in play. That being said, I have a good chance to capitalize on allied incompetence.  Just asking for any tips as an entire axis strategy.
    As of now the plan is Sealion on G3, G2 if the UK player (who is extremely overconfident in his abilities) leaves it open. I know he’s focusing Africa, last game he put an IC in Egypt B1 because Germany didn’t threaten Sealion. I see him doing this again and leaving London wide open. Anyways. Since London is falling G3 at the latest I’m trying to hit US on that turn too with Japan. I see taking Philippines, and Hawaii/land in Australia. Everything has to happen turn three. My goal is to eliminate three allied turns by the start of turn four. France UK Europe and Anzac. Italy is going to send minimal blitzing units into Africa and take the free IPC’s, then push middle east and southern russian front.
    Sorry if the post is a little discombobulated.  Any comments on the overarching axis strategy? Or how to execute

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    If you are going sealion, your primary focus has to be then - on maintaining the Straight of Gibraltar.  Keeping Americans out of the med, use all the cheap tricks you can think of to do this,  and don’t allow the Americans to utilize the naval base there.

    In the event Gibraltar falls, bomb the facility,  if even 1 bomber makes it through the AA,  and you have london, they will NEVER be able to repair the naval base there.  And it will screw America up for rounds.

    On the eastern front, be wary, with so many troops going to London, there will be a disparity between you and your opponent.

    Minimize how many territories he can take however possible, by blitz blocking, or whatever, and focus your stack on Defense, rather than offense, so you can get your infantry on 2’s, and incorporate any available air or Italian support.  Make sure you move an AA gun to the east.

    Bring the bulk of your transports back from London, to West Germany, and clear the way to nuke Leningrad (Novogorod),  an incompetent player will fluster over making sure it’s well defended,  this should give you a bit of the edge you need back on the eastern front.

    With Japan,  blitz HARD for India,  to give as much time as possible for the Germans/Italians to conquer the middle east - and in my opinion, attack the Russian stack,  again, anything the Russians send against Japan, weakens their eastern front capabilities, and the income helps japan / hurts Russia in the long run.

    Lastly, if Sea-Lion looks BAD.  Don’t go for it.  It rarely ends well unless you’ve got a major advantage.  Hit Novogorod instead.  And plow into the Red beast.  use a complex in Romania (Minor)  and channel your forces into the Ukraine (Holding there) as quickly as possible.

    At some point aswell, build up your Italian airforce,  2 or 3 bombers or even just fighters, can pop a hole in the Russian defence, that no one but france(Fighter) can close.    Often this is enough to allow the germans a break through sacking the capital.  Even if your enemies see it coming, they have to put extra defensive units out, to eliminate the possibility of this kind of attack suceeding.

    Good Luck, don’t let the Fuhrer down.

  • Good advise Gargantua, I will just say if your going Sea lion that Romanian minor IC will most likely fall to the Russians if you build it G1. You generally need a lot of ground units to take England. I have built it there G1 (wasn’t planning SL), and then SL became more of an attack of opportunity. I was able to trade the Romanian IC w/Russia (using Italians), so they didn’t get to use it much, but it did make life a little more difficult. Axis did win that game BTW.

    Just to note what prompted me to do SL (as Germany) was what I considered allies mistakes (some by axis as well), and just the circumstances of the game (we were all just exploring unconventional methods). The allies planned a heavy US involvement in the Pac against Jap, but Jap did a J1 attack (that I advised against). My Jap partner was an over confident little bugger (but thats his play style and it works for him). The US/UK moved a weak A$$ navy to sz 91, and took Gib/Morocco turn #1, mistakenly thinking they were safe (noobie)? Italy’s Navy was left untouched? (UK pulled out to Red Sea (sz 81) or to Egypt (sz98) can’t remember, to make life difficult for an over zealous Jap. On It1 I  took back Gib (had 2 ground units left inf & tank), which allowed Germany to crush the allied BS fleet in 91, and land on Gib.

    Now here’s where the attack opportunity for SL comes in (more allied mistakes). Italy had a clear shot at Scotland on It2 moving to sz 109 from Gib sz inside the Med sz 92 (Italian naval base at Gib). Moving about 1/2 the Italian navy up w/tpt to sz 109 (along w/Italy ftr from W Germany), the UK was out numbered, so couldn’t scramble. Scotland was Italian (inf & tank), and only the 1 French inf + ftr on London could try to take it back (they didn’t try, I would have tried to get lucky dice but it was a fat chance anyway).  On G2 I loaded 3 tpts (I had bought an AC & 2 Ger tpts G1 for sz 112 just to keep allies jumpy). Moved the German navy to sz 109 w/Italian navy, and unloaded my 6 Germans into Scotland to meat up w/2 Italians, and oh yea the entire Luftwaffe (untouchable w/mostly UK inf and very little UK attack units). Of course I had to buy more tpts to finish the Job, but UK fell after quite a fight (they got some lucky dice). Japan ended up turtling quite well, and the US changed coarse to aid in Europe. The US waffling back and forth ended up costing them the game IMO.

    Anyway capitalize on their mistakes.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Never forget,

    Subs can go through the straight of Gibraltar, weather you control it or not

    I’ve sunk many an allied navy, at minimal loss, by popping a few Italian subs on the board, and blasting the allies for a round with sub/air attacks - through the straight.  Then following up with the GERMANS 😛

    But the door swings both ways…

  • @Gargantua:

    Never forget,

    Subs can go through the straight of Gibraltar, weather you control it or not

    I’ve sunk many an allied navy, at minimal loss, by popping a few Italian subs on the board, and blasting the allies for a round with sub/air attacks - through the straight.  Then following up with the GERMANS 😛

    But the door swings both ways…

    100% agree w/you. I often buy both Italian, and German subs (S France, and/or Normandy) to set them back. You have to either kill their ground units so the are delayed, or destroy their fleet stranding their ground units to kill later. Once they get in the Med its a ruff road (or sea lane I guess).

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