• So I have been reading some threads about a strategy of America devoting all or most of its resources to destroying Japan first rather than focusing on the Western Axis. I have used it once before and done very well in destroying my opponent. Unfortunately I have not seen any people posting about a way to counter this “invincible” strategy, so here goes, bear in mind I have not tested this at all and I prefer to give general outlines victory rather then specific buys and movements.

    Germany turn 1:

    do standard turn one moves killing France and taking Yugo, allow Italy to take Bulgaria and southern France and allow Normandy to live. Use all available aircraft and ships to kill the British fleet entirely, it is very important that they are destroyed. Everything is secondary to destroying the British fleet and of course taking France. Create a somewhat strong defensive barrier on the Russian Frontier and build standard SeaLion units.

    Japan turn 1:

    If you have the fortune of knowing in advance that your opponent will be using a Kill Japan first strategy then I would advocate attacking the first turn but seeing as this is most likely not going to be the case (the German first turn moves should always be the way I described them, I believe Russia is a secondary target) then I would do some standard attacking moves into China and perhaps attacking russia if he presents a good opportunity. Leave French Indo china alone and move a strong but minority of your fleet south to be prepared to engage the Brits and take the money islands.

    build ships

    Italy turn 1:

    Assuming Germany sent a couple of planes to defend your fleet (the one’s that cannot engage the British fleet) then you should have a good fleet left after Britain attacked, and if they did not attack then you will want to consolidate your fleet and attack the British or French fleet but not both. move forward in Africa taking Alexandria and Tunisia (try and take Tunisia with as few troops as possible) If it is possible to invade Malta or Gib. do so but it is not extremely important to do it this turn. attack any territories that you border that are weak, perhaps Greece. Build a fighter or save your money.

    Axis turn two:

    okay so Germany will continue to build a fleet to threaten Sealion assuming the Brits shored up on London to prevent your turn 2 invasion. Take whatever remains of France and continental Europe, DO NOT ATTACK RUSSIA. and send a few planes to help destroy any British ships within range. Japan will continue to build ships and a large fleet, if Hawaii has been reinforced by the US then now is the time to attack! otherwise bide your time a little more, you want them to present you with a tempting target. continue your work in China but keep losses to a minimum and do not overextend yourself, if you went for russia then keep some pressure on them but dont devote too much, build more ships. Italy will hopefully finish off the british fleet in the med. if they are still left and have gib. by now, if Egypt looks more inviting then take it but be sure that you can have Gibraltar by the end of italy’s 3rd turn. move forward in Africa. Italy want to be able to have Egypt, Greece and Gib. and the med. clear of enemy ships by turn 3, this should be simple with Germany threatening Sealion.

    Axis rest of the game:

    Germany will control London by turn 3 and continue to build a large fleet, build a few tanks also to keep Russia from attacking you and keep them building defensively. build a llarge fleet and threaten America along with Italy, Itlay will dominate Africa and pressure Russia and India through the middle east making lots of money. Japan will trade ships with America and AnzAc and India while keeping them out of Japan proper, this is how the axis need to play. Then Germany can threaten America enough to take Washington or force them to divert forces.

  • You make it sound easy  :lol:

  • This is how my game is going right now. Japan just took out the entire combines sea forces of America and Anzac. The Russian player built a fleet and is threatening my German fleet in the Baltic-while America has 3 carriers+ transports with 4 infantry and 4 artillery right near Gibraltar

    The American player is almost forced to go all out on Japan. Even if they take back Britain they are just a shell of what they once were without much of Africa.

  • ugh, I wish it were this easy.  I am constantly being harassed as Italy, impossible to gain any traction because UK will sacrifice his fleet to stop me.

    He doesn’t attack, he splits the UK fleet and blockades the Italians.  So on Italy’s turn all I can attack are usually a carrier off Malta and perhaps a dd off greece or Tunisia.  Then he uses his French and remaining ships to blockade me in again.  There is no getting Gib in this strat, all I can do is try and keep my troops in Africa supplied and take out his blocking ships.

  • One day I’'m going to land in the USA with Germany,  take France take Britain take Gibraltar team up with Italy and head to America.  I’ve seen it on every A&A board and I’ve done it on every one.  Of coarse it doesnt always work and your opponents will get wise to it, but it doesnt hurt to come up with a plan to be able to do it on G4 or 5 if not there is  Southern Mexico Central America West Indies Nova Scotia Venezuela and Brazil opps and Central U.S.
      Germany should pick up the slack or try to anyway
      Next time I pull USA I’ll try a 100% Pacific,  see if my players can counter a Pacific dump.
      If I pull Germany I’m going to work up a plan to hit the US
      From the games I’ve glanced in on it seems that Jen plays a lot of games and I think that if she feels its flawed then there may be some truth to it.  I still need to play many more games from one country and try a specific strat. time and time again
      I’m going to stick to my guns and say I like it the way it is.  (time to try to find the battle map I down loaded……still new to the computer)

  • I figure that if Britain is turtling back everything they can into London then they will not be able to reinforce any of their colonial possessions, every time I have played the cruiser off Gibraltar is destroyed by a German sub so I would suggest doing this with your sub that can reach. Then the Italians should be able to take the british and french fleets out piecemeal since the combined Italian air and naval capacity is greater then that of the combined british/ french. I also assume that you bring to german planes down to assist in S. Italy since they can do nothing against the british fleet. This will dissuade the brits from attacking the Italian fleet, and even if they do they will get hammered. by turn two I think no matter what happens (unless your rolling is terrible) the Italians should have the med. all to themselves. This may require you taking Trans-jordan to keep the destroyers from S. africa out. I have seen this whole operation done a couple of times now even without a sealion threat and with a brit ic in egypt, it is actually fairly easy.

  • Let Japan die and go for the Europe Win.

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