• My friend and I are going to tackle this game this weekend. We’re both vets of the “classic” 20 year old version. Which scenario would be the best one to start with? I was considering 1941 with national objectives and play to 15 victory cities.

    Are there any other useful aides/errata I should d/l before setting up and playing?


  • You are going to get a lot of personal opinions from those who respond.  Here’s mine:

    The 1942 version is more closer to what you are familiar with.  IMHO, it is also a bit more even (some will argue this point).

    If your play ability level varies greatly, you can try 1941, and give the stronger player the allies.  1941 is more slanted in the Axis advantage, expecially if they get fair or good dice in the first round.

    15 VCs is basically a race to capture Russia/Germany (again).

    The national objectives are the big wild card, and they certainly favor the Axis much more than the allies.  Certainly, play with them initially, they are fun and add a different flavor to the game.  But I think if you play with NOs (which is the defacto online standard), the allies need some sort of bid to have an eqqual chance.

    If you add the randomness that is the new tech system to a game, all bets are off.  By this I mean, for $5, USA can get LR on US1 and decimate a Japanese navy who has not planned on a 1/36 chance to fall hopelessly behind in a game.  Sorry, I am not a fan of the new tech system, but others love it.

  • TripleA

    you don’t really watch the VC count so much, you pretty much need the capitols (berlin+rome, moscow, Japan, UK, or DC) plus key territories in order to make the VC count.

    Most people prefer 1941 to be honest. Most people like to have all their fighting in Europe. In 1942 japan doesn’t have 9 fighters and 3 carriers so the pacific campaign fairs much better.

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