Best way to play AA50 without actually owning the game?

  • I’m one of the unfortunate bastards that missed AA50’s initial printing. With the extremely inflated price tag the game has now, it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting it until it has a second release – If it ever does.

    I realize I can play via TripleA (which I’ll probably start doing), but I’d also love to have a hard copy of it as well.

    Here is what I’ve figured to need so far:

    1 - A full AA50 rulebook and setup sheet. [Anyone have a link?]
    2 - Find a way to print/properly protect IL’s awesome AA50 map. [Kinkos?]
    3 - Scavenge AA42 for most of its pieces.
    4 - Use the Chinese pieces from AAP40.
    5 - Use ANZAC pieces from AAP40 to substitute as Italian pieces. [Any better alternatives until AAE drops?]

    Am I missing anything?

    Lastly – For those of you who have done it, what’s the most efficient way to go about printing and protecting IL’s AA50 map?

    Thanks in advance.  🙂

  • You got everything listed that you would need, as far as setup sheet just print the abattlemap unit list out (click on view, then list units).  As far as printing I would try to find a local sign store or something to print/mount it as kinkos is evil and expensive.  I know staples quoted me like 150 for a map i got printed out for 60 at a local store.  Just shop around, anyone with a vinyl cutter can do it.  So a sign store, a place that makes custom decals, anything like that.

  • haha, I had never even thought of using ABattlemap/TripleA to get the setup(s) from. Durrrr.

    And thanks for the advice, I’ll definitely check out the phone book to see what kind of local places we have around here.

  • Customizer

    Hey Incline,

    I was in the same boat with AA50 and perhaps this might help.  Here’s a post that I posted on forum site.

    “Here is a folding game/poker table that I built for Axis & Allies. Quite a few hours and dollars to put together and it being my first table, I think it turned out pretty good! Now I don’t have AA50 but I did, with time and effort, make my own version. The map was printed to 28x48” (map was created by Imperious Leader that I downloaded from and I even went as far to make the combat board, National production/research chart and the nation cards. I repainted the pieces so they match because I don’t have AA50 and had to mix pieces together to replicate it. I must say it turned out well and it was a lot of fun!"

    Here is the link to the post as well for more pics.

    Here is the link for the AA50 manual.


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