• After all the recent reprintings of the other versions and doing a new beginner type game in 1941 you would think when they get around to doing the next axis and allies project that they will try to do something closer to anniversary edition .

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    Slackaveli, the tech is the same as old rules and continued in to Global, except research is not lost like it is in Global.
    NOs are:
    Germany: 5 if Axis control all of: France, NW, Germany, Hung, Rom and Poland.
                  5 if Axis control 3 of these: Baltic, E Poland, Ukraine, E Ukraine and Belorussia.
                  5 if Axis control either Karelia or Caucasus.
    Russia:    5 if Russia controls Archangel &no Allied units present onRussian controlled Territory
                10 if Allies control 3 of: Norway, Finland, Poland, Romania, Hung or Balkans.
    UK:         5 if Allies control E and W Canada, Gib, Egy, Aus and S Africa.
                  5 if Allies control any original Japanese territory.
                  5 if Allies control either FrNce or Balkans.
    Japan:     5 if control all: Manc, Kiangsu and French Indo- China.
                 5  if con 4 of: Kwant, EI, Borneo, Phil, New Guinea or Solomons.
                 5 if control one of: Hawaii, Aus or India.
    US.         5 if con all West, Central and Eastern US.
                 5 if con Philippines.
                 5 if Allies control France.
                 5 if control 3 of: Midway, Wake, Hawaii or Solomons.
    Italy:      Do you need this?

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