What is making Alpha 2+ unbalanced?

  • The Allies won the first one yesterday and the Axis won the second one
      I’m looking forward to the ALPHA+3 version and the preliminary 10 or so test games to see how it will all pan out
      I think it will make  the  opening offensive movements still the same  with some conditions that if they are meet then you can do a specific attacks if not then that strat. is no longer an option and you have to go with a different plan …… It looks good from here

  • The Allies won last nite ALPHA+2, last week the Axis won ALPHA+2
      To tired last week to stay focused    up at 5 work at 6 home at 5 game at 7 dog tired by midnite  but this weekend I was able to get a cat nap in and lots of strong coffee

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