US Income in Alpha + 2 Question

  • I may be a little slow.
    Can someone please tell me if I’m right about US income in Alpha + 2 Global

    While not at war the US collects 52 ipc
    When at war the US collects 52 ipc (if controlling all its original territories) plus NOs that could rise its income to 82 ipc? (if all NOs are accomplished)

    Am I right?

    (if yes, holly milky cow!)

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    You’re right.

  • They will need it if Germany and Japan are having success in their respective theaters.

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    Given all that, I’d like to see a rule that the US must spend at least 1/3 of its cash on each side of the board.  (Should be roughly 20 IPC a round in Washington, 40ish in Los Angeles.)

    Since Japan has to be bloody everywhere and take out two capitols to get all their NOs, but America gets all of theirs - Philippines, at the start of the fight. (Cause Japan takes Philippines, why give those uppie snot Americans extra cash?  Pig-dogs!)

  • Since the U.S. does not start with one of the objectives: (5 of the 7 islands one) They are likely to collect 77….then factor in that when they do take one of the islands to get the 5, they typically have lost the Philippines objective, so they will be at 75-77 (if they have Brazil). I haven’t seen them reach 82 in 4 games of Alpha 2.

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