• Interested in knowing if any body has ever played a game where you have a had a comlete pause in the action.  A turn when all players concentrate on just building new units and making non-combat moves?  Seems such a situation makes sense if you are strategicly sound even if you are both on the offensive or defense.

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    I’ve never seen it, and can’t think of a situation where it would be advantageous for both sides.

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    when I was new to axis and allies ( a kid )  like 15 years ago, we did this for one game.

    Even at the time I knew it was silly.  As the economics aren’t balanced.  I did it because my side was the allies - and our axis opponent was stupid enough to agree.

    I don’t reccommend it.  It only seals the fate of the team that’s alread losing.

  • I’d have this happen in the revised edition.  The armies on the front wouldn’t always have reinforcement lines and the front lines would wreck themselves and neither have the offensive power to risk an attack or enough units to support holding any gains if an attack succeeded.  Usually that’d happen if Germany and Japan both went for the USSR and then had to divert to defend themselves from the UK and USA.

  • Always in favour of one of the two sides I would say

  • A good player should always know automatically when to attack and when to retreat and reinforce.

    There will always be some situations where a few attacks can be made.

  • Everyonce in a while our group will come across a situations where a couple of the powers can’t do anything offensively in a turn.  (usually late in the game after some large battle)

  • If it happens, it happens. I don’t believe in an agreement between all powers not to buy anything for one round

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