• Hi guys,

    I know there are some other setup sheets for Alpha +2 out there but I thought I would put mine up.  These are created with Microsoft Word and suitable to be printed on a normal color printer using standard sheets of printer paper.  They could be laminated or placed in sheet protectors if desired.  UK has two sheets, one for the Europe map and one for the Pacific map.

    There are some other great set-up sheets out there and I’m not looking to compete with those.  However, these might appeal to a lot of folks because of the simple format, larger font size, extra information, and because they print on a normal sized sheet of printer paper with minimal ink expenditure.

    The setup sheets also have National Objectives on them as well as a few other reminders.  They use size 14 Bookman Old Style font, and the lettering size should be very readable for most folks.

    Check them out and please give me feedback.

    I’ve uploaded the files to Boardgamegeek, I can’t figure out how to upload them here.


  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10


    Chewie here,

    eally like these setup charts, EASY TO READ, uncluttered, INDIVIDUAL.  Straight forward.  All on one page.

    France starts with 19 IPC’s though right?  because of addition of FIC being worht +2 in Global?

  • Very direct and easy to understand. I like it. I would recommend making a seperate sheet for all the major rule changes (IE highlight that no Major IC can be built on foreign soil, scrambling procedures, AA guns are no longer captured but destroyed etc.)

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Your sheets are REPLETE with Errors.

    Missing setups,  unfinished NO qualifications.

    Got me in alot of trouble this weekend! Please revise!

  • Thanks for trying them out, and PLEASE help me correct the errors that you find!  Just post them here or on BGG and I’ll upload new versions as soon as they are fixed.

    Also, I like the idea of adding in a sheet or two summarizing some of the rules changes to submarines, SBR, etc.  I plan on doing this.  Have any suggestions of things that should be covered, let me know.

    Also, keep in mind the NO descriptions are meant to be reminders, not an exhaustive description.  They should be helpful but may not explain everything needed due to space constraints.  However, if you are finding any of them misleading then let me know.

    EDIT:  Ok I did a check and found a couple major errors, my sincere apologies to anyone who printed these!  I have taken down the file and submitted a new one that I believe is 100% accurate, its waiting for approval.

    EDIT:  February 3, ok new files have been approved and are available at the link above.

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