Out of Box or Alpha 2?

  • I played about 30-35 games of OBB with my friend before the release of Alpha 2 and the axis won twice and 2 or 3 draws and about 30 losses.  When the game first came out we played everytime I got out of work for the most part then after that averaged about two 12 hour games a week if the axis could hold out that long.  The only time the axis would win is if I went all in the Pacific and tried to kill Japan first and stayed their too long.  I tried that because it was so easy to cruise to Europe and stomp Germany with USA because the consequences of ignoring Japan are not anything like they are now.  Germany and Italy could not handle the US spending all of its points in the Alantic that early.  The German Airforce was too weak to be a threat to an Allied fleet and the minor factory in Germany made it hard to get troops to Russia.  The Italian fleet could be destroyed on turn 1 without any resistance.  You can still do that attack in Alpha 2 but it is with greater consequences and risks for the allies now.

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    Thanks for the post, Frank.  Yep, you pretty much summed up a few of the many reasons why OOB is fatally flawed, and you have the 30-35 games to back it up.

    I get the feeling from my few games of Alpha2 so far (not going too crazy playing it - just a couple games at a time because it will probably be changed anyway) that the Allies still have a significant advantage in Alpha2.  But I have to admit none of the games have lasted even more than a few rounds (with the Axis getting obliterated each time) so maybe those oil field NO’s could really come into play sometimes I suppose.

    To me, Russia and USA have suffocating power (Russia is very deep, and as Larry himself acknowledged - he wondered if it was 1 territory too deep), and the UK can be very powerful as well.

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