• THE TITLE SAYS IT ALL!  and i mean simple! like g1 attack every where. or g1 attack France. don’t over do it like… g1 2 inf 1 tank from_______ and 1 ftr from_____ and attack _____ get it? sorry if i seam rude.

  • for the love god France MUST be taken on G1

    As the Allies take the french units FIRST. 
    If UK unit survive then you can attack N Italy with BEF remnants + some help from Alexandria / Egypt. 
    If you take it it Reduces the factory to a minor.
    USA moves all ground units to Central US and build matching transports with a DD kicker.( I think that makes for 7 fully stocked transports)
    Move pacific airforce to Hawaii and bring the AA from west us.

  • '10

    Germany: kill France and as much UK-ships as possible
    Russia: perpare for invasion, buy 2 tanks 2 art
    Japan: attack western allies J3, kill China, attack Russia J1
    UK: Kill italian fleet, prepare for D-Day and japanese attack in the pacific
    ANZAC: build 2 inf + 1 art, try to reach Dutch New Guinea 
    Italy: take Bulgaria, support Germany, close the suez channel
    USA: prepare to support the western Allies (Pacific/North/Africa), needs CV, planes, transports, etc…
    China: slow down the japanese troops

  • Doesn’t that take the fun out of the game? I hate to view other strats, finding your own way is the best  8-)

  • The most immediately contentious situation in this game is the war waging between Germany and UK.  If UK’s not careful, Germany can buy boats and waltz right in.

    • If you play UK, concentrate on homeland defense for the first turn or two

    • If you play Germany and UK is not taking efforts to fortress her island, consider a sea lion strategy.

    Good Luck!

  • Delay of fame, five yard penalty! Lol

    have japan pay attention to when they want to get america and england into the war.

    Pay attention to the neutrals

    Have fun!

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