• I’m sure this has been asked a lot but I was wondering if this version of the game is worth it? I mean, obviously this is the anniversary edition which makes it special, but the hefty price tag makes me think twice because I’m a college student lol. I have the revised edition and am in love with it, but I’m thinking about branching out and am curious about this game. Thanks in advance for the input!

  • Well, on one hand, I think Anniversary is the best of the non-theatre games. (Our group has played Classic, Revised, AA: Europe, AA: Pacific, and AA: Pacific 1940). In particular, I enjoy the national objectives, as I feel they have led to our play group constantly coming up with new strategies, even after 50+ games.

    On the other hand: there is a new global game that will be finished when AA: Europe 1940 comes out in a few months (when added to Pacific 1940). Might cost $200 to buy both games from a hobby shop, but only $140-150 online, as I purchased the new Pacific for $65. This is probably cheaper than what Anniversary would cost at this point.

    On the third hand (what?  :?) there are ways to get the Anniversary experience for cheaper. It is possible (I think) to print out the AA50 map, and use AA: Spring 1942 ($15 at target) for the pieces.

    So, being a starving student myself, I’d probably make my own Anniversary and save my money for Global 1940.

    EDIT: (Link to AA1942 @ Target)

  • '16 '15 '10

    It’s my favorite version (so far, haven’t had a look at global yet) but whether it’s worth 200+ to you is totally subjective and depends on you.

    They should definitely reprint so more people could get the sculpts at less than 100$…

  • Ah, I realized one problem with my advice for a cheap Anniversary is that AA:1942 doesn’t have the Italians as a separate player, therefore there would be no Italian pieces. You could use the old-style German troops from Revised to represent the Italians, although that would still leave you without distinctive Italian cruisers.

  • Other than the nice Italian tank & Inf, the sculpts suck in Anniversary - 1942 is a HUGE improvement over the Anniversary sculpt quality.

  • I think I’m just going to wait for Europe to come out. A friend will buy the Pacific version and I’ll go with Europe then we can combine them once we master version each individually. I’m having fun with the revised version so I’ll just stick with that until I don’t enjoy it anymore lol.

  • Personally waiting for FMG to finish with their sculpts and making my own AA50 game with the map for IL.

    A whole lot cheaper and much nicer.

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