I have a copy, how much is this actually worth?

  • Hey guys, so I bought a copy of this when it first came out, set it up to play with friends and…well the game just didn’t click for our group and I ended up packing it away. So it has been opened/punched (still have all of the cardboard) but it really hasn’t seen any use. Now on ebay and boardgamegeek I see copies priced at 450$+ and I kind of refuse to believe this game is actually selling for that much. There is only one “damaged” spot on the corner of the box (an unfortunate shelving unit collapse hah!) but otherwise in pretty great shape. The instruction manual has a wrinkle or two but is in great shape.

    Does anyone know what a reasonable offer would be for this game? It is a gorgeous edition, the map is beautiful but Axis and Allies just isn’t my thing.  Pictures of the damaged corner below. if anyone wants to send me an offer you can reach me at my PM box. Thanks!

    Here is a link to the Flickr album of photos, it won’t let me post links, so you can copy and paste the URL into your browser!


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    I’ve been watching auctions lately and I’m seeing open copies played once or twice going for as high as $300.00.  New ones still shrink wrapped are being listed at like $450-$500 but not selling.

    If you put yours at auction, you shouldn’t see less then $275-$300 I bet.
    Re-post this in the “Marketplace” forum and you may get an offer ir two.

    Good Luck.

  • I think hockey town is right on this one 225 at a minimum. Over 300 is pushing it. I am surprised you didn’t like it I believe it is the best game he ever made.

  • @hkytown1:

    Thanks posted an ad overt there, I appreciate the info!

  • @GoSanchez6:

    I think hockey town is right on this one 225 at a minimum. Over 300 is pushing it. I am surprised you didn’t like it I believe it is the best game he ever made.

    Thanks for the reply! To be honest it is a game I was really into as a kid, but my board gaming group has no patience for it, so it has sat in my closet since the day I opened it. It should go to a good home!

  • @GoSanchez6:

    I am surprised you didn’t like it I believe it is the best game he ever made.

    This is part of  the reason why I haven’t moved onto Global, since AA50 is a such great game.

    AA50’s only short coming is the weak implementation of weapons development.  That can be fixed by not using weapons (they are an optional rule) or implementing a better tech system with house rules.

  • I got a buddy of mine who would love to take it off your hands but I don’t think he is willing to pay over 120 or 130. He just bought the 1914 on pre-order and just bought both of the 1940 second edition. So he is a little tapped out. Put it on ebay. Start the bidding at what you paid for it. Run the auction for a week I bet you get over 200 easy.

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    I got the game a couple years ago and never played it once, haha.  I’ve been meaning to for a while but then I got into the miniature side and that’s all I’ve been playing.  Like Sanchez says, Everyone I talk to believe that AA50 is the best out of box AA game and someday I’ll play it.  When I get a full day to play, which is rare, we play 5 or 6 mini games instead of one board game.

    Bravo Yo for passing the game on to a good home, I know lots of folks here on the forum would enjoy a copy.  I hope you get a good deal for your game.

  • Hockeytown play it! If you love Axis and Allies this is the best game. I tried global 40 with my buddies but it’s too much for them right now. We went back to this game and the guys love it. I love the 2 different start dates I wish global had a 42 start date then I think it would be the best. Give it a shot you won’t be sorry.

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    Oh, I will play it, just not sure when.  I collect all the AA games so it’s not leaving my collection…some day soon I’ll give it a roll, looking forward to it.

    image (35).jpg
    image (38).jpg

  • Thanks for all of the replies guys, I think I will probably go the eBay route, so I locked the topic. I don’t have much a history here so I am sure it will be a pain to find a buyer in the forum! I did pick up the 2012 1941 version up, just in case my friends ever feel like diving into Axis and Allies again! So I am sure you will see me post here a bit more frequently.

    Hkytown, that is a crazy and impressive collection!

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    I had excellent luck with Boardgamegeek.

    Found a local buyer, and now his crew is my primary game group!

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