Guadalcanal rules variant - Traditional AAA rules

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    If there is another post on this topic please inform as I could not find it.

    Has anyone ever developed a rules variant for Guadalcanal?  I really like this game and the Solomon Islands conflict…  BUT, I find it hard to find members in my gaming groups with interest in playing/learning this game.  A GREAT GAME for sure, but the “strange” and “new” rules make it unattractive to some AAA players, who just want to sit down and play AAA in a new scenario without having to re-learn a whole new game.

    Can this game be played with an alternate rule set?  With more traditional  Axis & Allies rules? Has anyone developed these “house rules” or a variant?

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    I don’t know of anyone having posted a ruleset to make this more like a global game. But I tend to ignore any variant rules or tweaks.

    One of my few disappointments with this version is that it pushes back towards ‘traditional’ A&A rules with purchasing units and six sided dice with no hit wasted from the twelve sided system with hits that miss and set reinforcements of Bulge.

    The rules aren’t particularly difficult and the included turn outline/reference sheet is quite clear. And even to make it ‘more traditional’ you’re going to have to learn some new rules or you won’t be able to maintain any of the ‘feel’ of the game.

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    I 100% agree… however I know there are some out there “in my game group for one” that don’t want to LEARN new rules.

    That is why this game has more dust on it than any other in my AAA collection.

    I think there would have to be some “NEW” rules even in a variant to keep a flavor to the game.

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    For the RECORD:  I like Guadalcanal!  I like the rules set up…  BUT, I find it difficult to find others interested in playing it.

  • Haaahaha! I feel your pain, FMG. The second I bought Guadalcanal, I was so psyched to make my opponent’s IPC’s deteriorate via bombing raids, and swarm em with fighters. And then I opened up the box and went “WTF!?”.

    I, too, am a bit unappealed by the rules. What we did was put a certain amount of chips on each island, gave it an IPC value, and put a production factory on our “base islands”. This made for an exciting naval minimap. I haven’t gotten to play a lot of navy-heavy games, usually my 1942 games just end up with British bombardment and amphibious assault on Berlin, and the US navy buildup with the subsequent bulldozing of the Japanese.

    So, theres my suggestion for you, FMG. I look forward to your custom A&A molds. I’m DEFINITELY buying an italy set once I get my paycheck, and of course, once it’s released =D

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