• Once deployed, can PT Boats be moved to a new sea zone?

    Based on history, I would support PT boat movement of 1 zone, but must have a US controlled island adjacent to the new sea zone.  This reflects the squadron re-deploying to a forward base.

    As the Solomons campaign moved up the Slot, PT squadrons deployed from Tulagi to Vela Lavella and other islands up the chain.  JFK lost PT 109 in the Blacket Strait in these waters.


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    Based on history, I would agree.  However, based on the rules, they can’t move.

    The problem is that there is no movement phase for them.  However, you are always free to make a house rule to allow them to move during another ship type’s movement phase.

  • Actually, the base that JFK operated out of was located on Rendova, south of the island of New Georgia.  I have just gotten the game, and need to look at the rules a bit more covering PT boats.  I probably will be modifying it a bit, having been in the Solomons, and flown over most of the islands.  I did not make it to Rendova, but was on Kolumbangara, Gizo, and New Georgia, when landing at the Munda air strip on the way back to Henderson Field.  I have attached three pictures that I scanned in from the trip.  The first is of the Grayscout, the ship we used in searching for PT-109, under charter to National Geographic.  The second is of the Munda air strip, which is pretty much the way it was in WW2, except that the jungle has grown back around it.  The third is of me watching sonar screens, sorting out the targets on the bottom to determine which one might be the PT-109.  Note, we did find it.

    Munda Airstrip-2002.jpg
    Sonar Stare 72 Crop.jpg

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