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    If  you enter a seazone with multiple subs and there are multiple targets do the targets have to be declared immediately or can one be opportunistic and declare sequentially: eg if 4 subs enter a zone containing a BB CA  and 2 trans; if I choose the CA first and damage it can I send the 2nd sub to finish it  ;if successful slate different targets with the third and fourth.

  • you fire from one sub at a time.  The first attacks the CA and damages it, you can attempt to finish it off with the 2nd, or 3rd and then the 4th could go after a Trn or whatever else you like.

    I believe though that subs move one at a time, so you would move the 1st one in, attack, and then you could move the 2nd and so on there if you wish to continue attacking ships there.

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    That is correct.

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