Specifically what rules must you unlearn to learn this game?

  • Specifically what rules must you unlearn to learn this game?        :?

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    Specifically - all of them.   🙂

    The point is simply to bring no “baggage” from other games.  Read the rules as if “Axis & Allies” were not in the title.

  • @Krieghund:

    Specifically - all of them.   🙂

    it can sound brash, but it’s the most honest way to say it.  Guadal is like Bulge, forget what you know.  They’re great, but they are different!

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    Specifically - all of them.   🙂

    The point is simply to bring no “baggage” from other games.  Read the rules as if “Axis & Allies” were not in the title.

    BINGO!!!  :mrgreen:

  • 😞

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    Is this a reaction to the non-specific nature of my answer, or to the fact that Guadalcanal is completely different from other A&A games?

  • This may be more general than you want, but here’s a quick overview of what’s different from other AA games in Guadalcanal.  definitely download the rulebook at the avalon hill site to see.  i just went through the rulebook and noted a couple of the differences from each page.

    -Airfields, these are specific sites on islands where you can land planes, 2 to be exact.  without them, no planes can land and they can be damaged so you’ll have to repair them before you can land planes.  Oh yeah, you had to build them too in the first place.

    -Supply tokens- these are purchased with points on each turn and have to be moved to where you want them.  they can be used to build/repair airfields.

    -1st player token- this determine who performs each step in the turn first.

    -battlebox- this is what’s used to determine hits, so a more random order of hits occurs rather than defender choosing units to lose.

    -Cruisers- new to AA, now also used in AA50.  While on the subject of units, each unit in the game has a land/sea/air attack value and each of these areas of the battles happen separately.  Air happens before sea and then land.

    -capital ships have ability to bombard land units without landing.  artillery has ability to bombard ships.

    -Movement- each type of unit moves separately, and each is moved by the player with the 1st player token followed by the other player.  1-load&move transports. 2-move battleships. 3-move aircraft carriers. 4-cruisers. 5-load/move destroyers. 6-move & attack with subs. 7-move bombers. 8-move fighters.

    -subs can attack a specific target

    -capital ships can be damaged on a 2 and sunk on a 1

    -fighters/bombers can only move half their total number of move points to a battle, and then the other half back.  -bomb-3 out, 3 back, fighters -2 each

    -combat- air units fight first, any remaining with sea attack rating can then fight in sea battle.  land battle comes last

    -planes can target airfields for damage

    -units attack ratings give attack power for number of dice to roll

    -hits count to next unit on battle box if unit listed for hit is not present.

    -island control is determined by land attack power of opposing forces present.

    -capital ships can be repaired if damaged.

    -victory points are accumulated for game victory

    -reinforcement points determine ability to purchase new units, which the costs of differ also from other games.

    -advantage tokens can be used (optional rules)

  • I guess my  😞  was becz now another rules set I’ll have to learn!!

    Thanks Murraymoto for the more specific answer, gives me a good idea now!!

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