Is AA Guadalcanal worth buying?

  • i play the revised edition a lot and im looking for something new, is Guadalcanal worth the money?

    specifically, does the game ever get old or to predictable?

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    Value is a personal decision so ‘worth buying’ is largely in the eyes of the beholder.

    I think most of these games are at least moderately predictable because there are things you just don’t do. As I like to think of it, “Don’t be concerned with finding the uncertain path to victory so much as avoiding the certain path to defeat.”

    The game is VERY different from the global variants (AAE, AAP, AAR, AA50,) as well as being different from D-Day and BOTB. It is a quicker game (under 3 hours) and it plays fast with the way movement works.

    It is a good change of pace especially since it seems to lend itself to a more free wheeling style of play.

  • '10

    I just purchased the game over a month ago and have been pleased so far. The integrated movement sequence, combat phases, and hit asignment are nice features. I suspect the game can get played out over time as the map is limited. However, I think the game lends itself to opportunism as the movement sequence allows for faster and possibly sloppier play similar to speed chess. It is certainly worth a spin especially if you can get it on sale.

  • I watched a part of a Guadacanal History Channel presentation last night and it really makes you want to go right out there and buy the game.

    It is only a matter of time now!

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