Any "report" for the Allied strategy? Statistic? What about bid system?

  • Hello,

    In the 1942 version, we have a lot of difficulty to win with the allies. In fact they never win (about 15 games).

    So, i read a lot in this beautiful forum! And of course a lot about Allied strategy… but i was wondering three thing:

    1/ Because of there a lot of software : is there a place where a can find a “report” of  games where the allied are winning (in the 1942 version!)? Or any other “non software-report”?
    2/ Generally, what are the statistics in % for the winner?  (ex: 70% Axis 30 % Allied?)
    3/ Does every body, play with the “IPC bid system” (for choosing who play wich camp?) Is this bid system necessary to compensate the unbalance game (as long as the game is really unbalance)?

    Sorry for my english but i am french speaker.

    Thank you everybody for your help


  • It seems like AA42 is more balanced than Revised where axis need 8-9 bid for experienced players.

    If you played 15 games and no allied wins, I suggest you start bidding for allies until you have figured out better allied strats. I don’t even know for sure which side that are favored.

    Unit bids are more common than cash bids, but this is not so important, the goal with using bids is to balance the game.

  • Well, in my ages of experience with this edition(two complete games), I won once as Allies and won once as Axis. It feels more balanced than Revised was. While Germany spends comparatively less time in Africa, the Allies have a harder time in the Atlantic with Germany able to knock out the British in their home waters.

    If the Allies are having problems, what are common Allied first turn moves? What is Russia buying and attacking R1? I recommend attacking Ukraine with everything that can reach and West Russia with everything else while buying 3-4 tanks. A more conservative option is West Russia only and buying 2-3 tanks while holding Caucuses with ~9 ground units plus fighters. If Germany attacks z2, then the Allies are probably going to need to meet in seazone 8, the UK’s purchase is probably a carrier and two destroyers. Assuming Germany takes Egypt, the UK should consider counterattacking. Another option for the UK is an amphibious assault on French Indochina. The USA either builds up for a Pacific campaign or builds at least one carrier and begins to setup a shuck to Africa and Europe.

  • If players are fairly experienced, there is no more opportunities for USA alone, or together with UK+RUS to make a successful KJF strat. AA42 is all about KGF, as it is in Revised. So if allies are trying for KJF I would not be surprised if allies lose every game.

  • '16 '15 '10

    Actually I’ve already lost 2 games as Axis to USA Pacific offensives… I’d warn against underestimating what the Allies can do in the Pacific.   Japan’s starting defensive position is considerably weaker than in Revised.  Japan can’t use transports as naval fodder, and it is easier for Allies to use air/sub punches to dominate the Jap fleets.  Meanwhile, Germany can be easier to contain because without a bid they die quickly in Africa, and the Med fleet dies either on R2 or UK2 in the games I’m playing.

    I wouldn’t rule out a push on Japan as a viable Allied tactic just yet.

  • @Zhukov44, you could be correct, although I still think an allied pac-strat is an ineffective strat. I’ve only faced this once though, and my Germany grew too strong so the opponent lost.

    But I’m not yet as theoretically knowledgeable in AA42 as in Revised and AA50.

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