Operation Sea Lion: What works and what doesn't?

  • The more I have played the game lately the more I think Sealion is the way to go.  Instead of exchanging places with Russia (and  other allies) I think if Germany moved fast and took the UK capitol on like G3 that, that could tip the scale very early in the game.

    I am very confident that the US player should be able to take it back buy US 5 or US 6 at the very latest.

    I was wondering what have you done in the past for a Sealion that worked and what should I avoid doing to help me refine this strategy?


  • A decent British Player will probably not let you pull off sealion by turn 3. By that time US and UK forces should be well entrenched in the UK. And if you are not at least holding back the russians then you will not likely have the resources to build enough transports to have a chance and if you do, the royal airforce is a problem.

    On turn 1 you can, with the luck of the dice, bring a early invasion of the UK, I have seen it work, once, providing the Russians have not taken out your Baltic fleet, bring the transport with 2 guys, the fighters from France and Norway, The Bomber, and hit england. hopefully england’s rolls are not good  😉

    Use the remaining fighters and subs to take out UK fleet vs the BB and Trans.

    Sealion usually only works after Russia is beaten or if the russian player is not very skilled or good or lucky.

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    I find the threat of Sea Lion to be more productive than an actual attempt.  Actually doing it is very hard.  Threatening to do it could get the allies into an overly defensive posture.

  • My reasoning for thinking Sealion is a good idea is that even though you won’t be able to hold the UK capitol even if you can take it would be a huge set back for the UK.  Also the US would have to devote a few turn just in recovery assistance.

    If I tried a Sealion again I think I would.


    1. buy 3 subs.
    2. Hit the UK med. battleship.
    3. SBR to UK.
    4. Mass German land troops in E-Europe in preperation for transport loading.
    5. Mass German Air units in France to provide added punch to any possible invasion and also to run scrimishes on any small unguarded navy groups.


    1. buy three TRNs and a CV. With remaining balance buy INF.
    2. conduct navel air raids.
    3. merge Germen med. fleet with Baltic fleet.
    4. Conduct SBR on UK capitol.
    5. place 2 FTR’s on Germany to be loaded on CV at end of turn.


    1. With any luck you should be able to run a small sealion attack.


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    I believe the best chance Germany has at Operation Sea Lion is 8 Dice for Long Range Aircraft with a round 1 assault on England if you get them.

    However, you’ll have to play the box rule set since all later versions have dictated that technology comes into effect at the end of your turn, not after you discover it.

  • I am supprised that every one seems to lean away from Sealion.  I thought that there would be mixed opinions on this matter as there are on so many strageties in this game.


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    Honestly, I’ve found Kill America First to be much easier than kill England first.

    The problem is, dumping American units in England before invading Europe is a standard procedure.  So you are basically playing right into the hands of the Allied Strategy.

    Dumping English units into North America is so ridiculous, no one has ever contemplated it.  So killing America first sometimes works. (I’ve done it at least thrice this year in league games.)

  • Jen,

    Did you go by way of Canadian Sheild or just stright for DC?


  • And on G1 I see that you are planning for some sort of amphib ops and I buy all infantry and have the US player fly his fighter and bomber to UK. And if you fail to take out the UK fleet on G1, I can build more ships and perhaps count on the US navy to arrive and maybe the Russian.

    I then use my 2 ftrs and 1 bmbr and attack your tranny and subs in the baltic, provided the Russian has not already done this.

    On G2 I send the RAF and US planes to attack your un-aircrafted aircraft carrier and 3 tranny’s and then hope the Russians are kicking in your eastern door.

    Sealion is a risky proposition. But notice my reactions fall into CMDR Jennifer’s Allies on the Defensive (except for Russia).

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    Did you go by way of Canadian Sheild or just stright for DC?


    Honestly, once I did it by Canadian Shield (modified because I did not want that many transports for Germany.)

    The other two times were flukes.  I set up most of my fleet in SZ 45 around Japan 3 with the intent to take Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia in a trifecta move on Japan 4.  On both occasions America did not defend W. USA strong enough and had next to nothing in E. USA and W. Canada. (Being early in the game, many players are still putting their fleets together with just a handful of ground troops on North America.)

    So I hit with 4 transports, 6 infantry, artillery, armor, 4 fighters and two battleships each time.  Since W. Canada usually only has a couple of infantry and all of America’s air force is in England, there’s little chance of America taking W. USA back allowing Japan to start pumping infantry out of the LA Complex in rapid order.

  • It makes sence but  never would have though going after the US would be easier then going for GB’s capitol.


  • I wish I had people to play A & A with!

  • I guess Sealion isn’t the best idea.  Germany would have to do all the work by him/her self.

    Going at the US would be better both Japan and Germany could work together and like Jen said who would think that was going to happen.


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