What's the best country to be. Please tell why

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  • Japan, is the most fun to play 😄

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    oh boy one of these :evil:… The best in my opinion is US… a “constant” Income and you get to choose your fights (most of the time)… you also get to choose what you want to go heavy on land, sea, or Air (SBR)… Oh btw not to be picky on your post but everything on these boards are technically “public”, unless specifically requested to be enforced by the mods as a publically viewed “private” conversation…


  • Do you mean most fun to play, hardest to play, easiest to play ……

  • Like my avatar does not give me away…

    I LOVE to play Japan.

    Many say that Japan requires the least skill to play… True… in a game where the Axis loses.

    But for the Axis to win… JAPAN has to be the nation that steps up to the plate, and hits the home run.  It is up to Japan (excluding certain specific bid situations) to trash UK’s income.  It is up to Japan to trash Russia’s income.  It is up to Japan to create back pressure on Russia to break the deadlock in Europe.  And it is up to Japan to show enough force/threat to try to skim at least SOME US resources away from Europe.

    When Japan succeeds in doing all of these things, the Axis has a fighting chance to win.  If she fails… Germany gets beaten down, falls, and then the Allies turn their combined might on a rapidly dwindling Empire of the Sun.

  • I enjoy playing Russia the most, simply because you have so much going on.  Stuck between two enemies and the constant strain on resources. It all comes together for a very challenging game, its even better if you hold Moscow

  • This is the Classic thread right?

    Russia the best to play?  INF buy after INF buy?  Couple of initial strikes then defend, defend, defend?

    Hell in a 4 player game, Russia does not even get a player for most folks… USA and UK player both just kind of declare the INF build, shift units around, and then get back to teh 4 nations that set the tone of the war 😛

  • 2007 AAR League

    Obviously my answer is going to be the United Kingdom. Previously posts mentioned the challenge of playing as Japan and Russia. but what about the challenge placed on the United Kingdom?  Their empire covers the entire globe and they must defend it against the threats of two Axis powers with limited troops.

    They are constantly under the threat of SBR’s from Germany and also the that nation’s naval power (at least initially).  They also must supply near half of the total force that it will take to bring down the combined might of Japan and Germany while also dealing with the possibility of a reduced economy.

  • I like your reasoning… But UK play is subject to the skill of those assisting it…

    For example:
    After the initial UK fleet is gone, any attempt by UK to rebuild that does not include USA FIGs is doomed.
    Any UK landing in Western that is not reinforced by the USA is going to be booted out.
    Any UK reinforce of Karelia that is not supported by USSR (such as USSR pulling back to Russia) results in UK getting blasted.
    UK needs US help (in most cases) to retake or secure Africa.

    So, while the UK player could be extremely skilled, if they are not backed up by at least competant play by the US in particular, they are screwed against anythign less than inept Axis play.

    And being dependent on another player who may or may not know what they are doing is NEVER a fun position to be in… especially if your opponent knows what he is doing.

  • I think the U.S. is the easiest, but also the one that can "help"the Axis the most, when he’s not playing his supporting role. Japan is the most daring I think, if to win the game for the Axis.

    Myself, I also like Germany allot, for one to prove that you can take London and Moscow. This does happen more in a 4 or 5 player game, then in a 2 player game and is in need of Allied errors. When player skills are balanced, then the goal should be to prove you can keep the Russians out, and the UK and US at bay until your JAP friend knocks on the Moscow door. ( This requires a skillfull Jap player though)

  • 2007 AAR League

    NC, you make a good point.  However, your reasoning could work either way.  An Allied power without the UK is a much weaker alliance.

    You pointed out that the United Kingdom cannot take WE by itself.  That may be true, but I wouldn’t be so quick to say that the United States could do it by itself either; and if they could, it would be delayed a significantly higher number of rounds than usual.

    You also pointed out that the United Kingdom could not hope to defend Karelia by itself, but neither can the Russians in a fair amount of those cases.

    If their was no UK presence in Africa, well; the Allies don’t want to think what would initially happen to them in that instance.

    So, my point is, the Allies work as a team and cannot do well without the specialities of each country.  The UK however, is the country that most interests me because of the reasons originally stated.

  • I would say that either GB or Japan are the most fun to play because they are both reasonably safe from total and full defeat (being island nations) and they have alot of stuff all over the world (especailly GB). With Great Britain you can basically choose any theatre of war you want to engage in. Japan has a fun and important role in the scheme of things. Anyway, i think those are the most fun to play.

  • I would say the US or UK are my favorite close behind them is Japan
    Those are the only countries that if you use strategy and tactics you could make so much as a dent in the outcome of the game.
    Some may say that Germany is the hardest to play and requires the most thought, but the games I have played and the ones I’ve seen played over the internet
    Germany always has the same opening and tactics only change when it is obvious which side will win, in which case you might as well stop playing unless the losing side really likes stacking infantry and pushing away the inevitable for as long as possible.

    Don’t even ask me what I think of Russia unless you want a huge rant about how boring it is to play

  • Depends what your in the mood for, it gets boring being the same nation many times in a row. And there is no “best” country, its simply a matter of preference and style of warfare.

  • I like playing Germany the most because it takes some strategic thinking to get yourself out of the hole you’re in. I find it a challenge to hold off all three allies, and when you can hang on long enough for Japan to take over Russia it is rewarding.

  • I’d pick Switzerland. Your IPC production is really low all game, so it’s really hard to make what units you can manage to produce do much, so it’s a huge challenge. Also you start off pretty much surrounded, and you’ve got to fight your way out. On the plus side, I have never played a game as Switzerland where I ever had to defend, so you can focus 100% of your effort on attacking.

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    My favorites are:

    1)  Germany
    2)  Japan
    3)  Russia
    4 tie)  UK or US

    Germany and Russia are the most challenging, with Japan being the 3rd.
    This is because G and R dictate the game and are in the most trouble from rd 1 on.  UK and US sort of just fill in the gaps and back Russia up, either supply forces to Kar or to open up a second front on G.
    And likewise with Japan, you must take the pressure off Germany, whether that is full court press on Russia or some other strat where you can get the US or UK sidetracked.  Either way, no matter how good the Japan, UK and US players are, if the G and/or R players aren’t any good the game will be over quick.

    UK and US are probably the easiest to play for newbies, since their capitals aren’t really in trouble.  IMO, Japan has too many responsibilities in helping out Germany for it to be played by a newbie (if all other players are experienced).

    UK, US, and Japan can also be the most fun though because you can get away with buying some high powered units like bombers and fighters, and you can play around with navies too depending on each game.

    I really like the US when playing a Pac strat or KJF, but it can be done so rarely (at least from the start) and is very much dependent on what G and J do on rd 1.

    Basically it really depends on what you are looking for game to game.  I agree with Biofury on “it depends on what mood you are in…”.

  • My favorite is the UK. Even with it’s worldwide presence, and naval potential, this nation still runs on luck. With Germans threatening the airspace, seaways and land, up to the very shores of the N. American continent, I find it very rewarding to plan and use this nation to be a plague to Germany.(Not to mention as a lesson in tenacity 😉  Additionally, there is no messy land strategy needed in the beginning of the game, except in S.E. Asia.  However, if you are a new player, I would recommend that you start as either Russia, or the U.S. . Both are fairly easy, and will help you learn the rules much faster.

  • My favorite is GBR because you get to “save” Russia from Germany’s invasion. Also, as GBR you have a lot of choices you can make, like you aren’t set to making 8 inf on your first turn like Russia.

  • I like playing with Japan and reinacting Pearl Harbor.  Besides, my attacking Japan infantry always seem to roll a 1 a lot more so than my Germany friends.

  • I think japan and the U.S. are the most fun to play.  the detnt aspect of the Pacific after the first round is sweet with neither side wanting to attack and risk it all.  Trying to worm your way in and take a few islands while defendinh australia is mad fun.  Putting pressure on Philipines in fun.  Trying to outmanouver your opponents navy is crazy fun.

    To one of the posts above, it is not Japans job to crush the British economy.  It is Germanies.  this is why so many axis players lose miserably.  Africa and teh middle east are the path to victory for Germany.

  • 1- japan…. So much to do and what a difference they can make if played well
    2- germany…It’s fun trying to survive against the “shuck-n-f*ck”
    3- russia…Right in the middle of the action!

  • I think G is the most intuitive.  Go full bore and kill something!  UK and J require more finesse.  R is trying to buy time, and A is the supply depot.

    Like others have said, it just depends on what you feel like at the time. 😄

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    Japan Definantly is number 1. SO SO SO much to do And So little to do it with. I say to Hell with pearl Harbor, if you must attack only use submarines here. Smash China And Russia all at once, 2nd turn smash rest of china and India. I dont always Buy IC right away for the mainland Usually 2 tranny’s, 3 inf 1 tank. turn two IC, and men. Usually by the time turn 3 comes around I am ready to start the push on Moscow. All My New IC’s produce 3 tanks every turn. When it comes to the US i just need enough of a Navy and airforce to simply keep him busy or too afraid of my defensive capabilities to attack, The key for Japan more times then not for me is Germany’s Airforce clearing a path for Japans tanks

    Germany 2  Where do I start Well invading russia killed them in WW2 and it will kill me now also, so I throw up a wall. Then I focus the Majority of my attention on britain they are usually my first target. The key is the ability to threat a UK invasion every turn How do I do this Laugh if you want but gibralter must be in german hands at the end of turn 1 Turn two start pumping men and machinery into Afrika This means you have to buy a navy with a carrier in it within the first 4 turns. This Carrier is the key. If needed any planes that are on it can attack all the way through till china or India as with germany based bombers you kill the few dipsticks in the way for japan smash moscow. the majority of russia crap will usually be next germany’s pile to far away to take it back right away

    I do not like being the allies at all but i can’t stand the British the Most

  • Did you just say that germany needs to buy a carrier?? Well all I would do is start buying russian battleships to counter that! 8-)

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