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  • I was wondering. Is it possible to send your air force, infantry and tanks on transports, and battleships straight into Germany’s capital instead of taking massive casualties by going through Western Europe? Thanks.

  • Sure, why not! But that takes some of the fun out of the game, though it depends on the fun you wanna have.

    Option 1) Take the Capital - If you take the Capital you get the German IPCs on hand and germany cannot build anything the next turn as it has no IPCs. 😎 And if Germany doesn’t take it back they cannot build the next turn. 😄 If you take the capital first anything nearby can move to retake it on the opponent’s next turn.

    Option 2) Take WEu(for zample) - If you take it, then Germany must fight to regain the ground and build more/or the same quanity of inf to defend rather than going on the offensive against USSR. 🙂

    The key thing to note is whether Germany(or whoever’s booty you are kicking will take an Allied Capital on the next turn. If you wait till they take it you will gain germany’s IPCs and USSR’s IPCs that Germany took on Germany’s previous attack. Then you will have somewhere between 80 and 105 IPCs at the end of your turn. 😎 😎

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    Alright, thanks for the help. However, I have another question. When you do take Germany’s capital don’t you have to destroy the sub and transport as well to legally hold it? Plus, my A&A buddies always use the strategy where America takes their entire navy including three transports over to the U.K. so that when the U.K. does attack Germany’s capital, whatever’s left can be easily taken and held by America (most of the time). Do you think that this is a good strategy? Am I disobeying any rules? By the way, are you from Indiana? Thanks again. 😄

  • Germany will have its capital stacked with inf, because it will buy lots of inf and can only place them there or in S.eur. which isn´t as good. In other words, UK has to have a pretty large navy to send enough troops to the german capital and take it.

    When the allies attack germany, they should do a 1-2 punch as you describe: UK then USA.

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    I agree and yes, by this time I have built up a British navy of 2 battleships, 3 transports, and an aircraft carrier.

  • 😮 Geez! Germany still has a fleet when you attack!?! The Allies are falling down on the job. By the time you have the fleet and force to attack Germany… Germany should only have a fleet in the Med Sea(or out the back door to the Indian Ocean.

    UK airpower should clear the UK sea zone or Baltic Sea zone of Kriegsmarine units in UK1.

    The naval assault on Germany should commence on or after UK4 so as to have an adequate 1(UK)-2(US) punch. This is after Germany’s turn in the round and enables USSR to hit Fin/Nor, Cau, Ukr and/or E Eur with little worry about German counterattack

    Plan sounds good enough, but should have more UK & US trans to work with if on UK5 & US5. You should also cosider shipping the UK & US ftrs to USSR(Karelia) for defense. The UK & US bmrs can hit Germany from UK.

    No, sillly, I’m from India!

    Just kidding! 😛

  • Why in the name of the Jolly Green Giant do you have two battleships??? Germany has probably wiped out the ones that you started with, so you must have spent money on those two. CARRIERS, my friend, loaded with fighters. Anything else is a waste of money (and time seeing as how you would have to wait to get more money to get the tr. that you WILL need).

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    I can see wher eyou might have saved one of the original BBs but if you managed to save both, it might help your game to play against a German player with a bit more strength.

    If you built them it sounds like you are matched perfectly. 😉 😛

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    I am pretty much always able to save both of my battleships. The German player usually always concentrates his or her attention on USSR and that helps me a bunch. I know that it’s mostly Russia’s fault that Germany still has a navy in the Baltic Sea by this time but I suppose that is partially my fault as well. I’ll try to do better in the future. Thanks for the help with the transport problem. 😄 😄

  • Had to post this to bring it back in front of the other GC forum…

  • You can go straight to germany, but anyone with sense playing germany will have germany better fortified than western europe.

  • @Kidhorn:

    You can go straight to germany, but anyone with sense playing germany will have germany better fortified than western europe.

    TRUE 😄

  • i’d have to agree with Kidhorn here, but the baltic is often overlooked as useless. if Russia can draw a few troops towards the eastern front, a Germany landed might be a bit eaiser than Normandy. build a decent size fleet of trns/inf and send in whatever battleships you may still have. you’ll probably face near the same odds as you would in western europe, but if you win here, thats instant dough for you and germany’s dead for at least 1-2 turns

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    True giving the Allies even more time to build up their forces.

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