• @Crazy:

    I did most of my painting while actually playing games of AA, so no wasted time, fun and production all at the same time.

    That’s some multi-tasking right there. 😄 ~ZP

  • I also did notice that the new boxes are all the same size. The Europe and Pacific boxes from before 2004 was big, but this year I bougt the two games again, and this time the second printing, and this new boxes have same size as Revised and the others. But I guess Anniversary ed need bigger box

  • '11

    I know that the anniversary edition board will be the biggest yet. But I am curious to see what new territories they added and to actually see what Italy has for holdings and military buildup at the beggining of the game. The box will probably be just as big as the MB edition. Perhaps they will change the look/artwork of the battleboard, national production chart, etc…

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