• Hi (Hi to all of you, i am new, but I visited this forum a lot and I think it is great), I would like to make, I think, one of the most asked questions in AA: how much can allies spend in Asia?

    From what I read and seen in games the factory in India is useless at long term, and a better not talk about a factory in Australia, so here is my first question: I ussually take out every thing from India (3inf + 1AA) and take it (along with Persia inf) to Caucasus, I send the Indian fleet to circumnavigate Africa and get to Europe, and take 1inf from Australia and 1inf from N.Zealand and the sub to pass from south America and get to Europe/Africa. The thing that I hate about this is that Japan takes India without a minimun effort, and can gain more IPC.

    But UK is poor, and has to go for Europe, so the problem is USA: what to do? Help in Africa, help in Europe, counter attack Japan. Is impossible to do everything, so or I look to Atlantic, that helps to end Germany and take out pressure from URSS, or spend all my money (becouse if I want to counter Imperial Fleet I have to spend it all) in a Pacific fleet and let UK and URSS alone against a stronger opponent. A factory in Sinkiang? I read that it is not a good idea.

    To you the answers!

    (sorry for my bad english, i am Italian  :-D )

  • I only have time for a short answer.

    Allies should always seek to pressure Germany and largely ignore Japan. This is because all allied countries are closer to Germany then Japan, so can always put more pressure on Germany.

    Strategy - Russia should seek to make small trades with germany to maintain income. Russia should try to stay strong and avoid large trades with Germany and Japan.

    Tactics - :1. Hold west Russia and trade ukr and belo with germany. 2. Use tanks to deadzone persia, kazakh, and novo from Japan.

    Strategy - UK should seek to trade with Germany as much as possible. A force like 1 carrier, 2-4 fighters, 4 transports, and 8 land units is ideal for trading territories such as norway, arch, east germany, and west europe.

    Tactics - Your moves sound largely appropriate. it’s critical to send the destroyer to sink the transport in sz59. This greatly slows the Japan advance on russia.

    Strategy - US, with the greatest income, is the country that destroys Germany. Its first responsibility is to remove the axis from africa, then threaten to make large landings on south europe. Ignore pressuring Japan or North Europe.

    Tactics - US should devote as much income as possible to buying trans/inf/tank. Typically buying 1 transport a turn is most efficient from a logistics perspective. US should evacuate all units from the Pacific to the Atlantic. UK can pressure Germany from the north (Weur, EEur, norway, karelia) while US can pressure Germany from the south (Weur, Italy, balkans, Ukraine).

    Overall, it’s very important for allies to prevent Japan fleet from moving into the med and to sink the Germany med fleet. If you analyze very carefully, you can see that UK can threaten to sink the germany med fleet round 2 (2 fig, 1 bomber). And either US (2 fig, 1 bomber) or UK (3-4fig, 1 bomber) can almost certainly sink the med fleet by round 3. The starting UK units around Persia are important for preventing Japan fleet from going into the med round 3.

  • Sorry for the late answer and thanks a lot for your answer.

    Basically I had always done as you said, but the thing is this: Ok, lets say that Germany falls, the situation would be this, UK-US in Europe, with a lot of troops and it is fine, but the problem is Russia, it would be a miracle if Russia doesn’t fall to an army of 25-30 Tanks + Planes of Japan, and if Russia falls (and I am just saying Russia, better not talk about Caucasus) it would end in a Tie, very probably, or in a long, long agony where UK or US tries to take territories from Japan.
    The doubt I have is how to do like in the real WW2, taking out Japanese islands with US, is it possible in A&A for you? I think that money for US is not enough to do a double front, so maybe US have just to take Africa and then go for Jap?

  • If the Axis takes Moscow and Allies take Berlin, the Allies are 95+% likely to win barring major misplays. This is because the net income gain from Berlin, Weur, Seur, EEur is 25 alone and easy to defend by holding EEur. Net gain from Moscow, Cauc, WRus, is 14 and defended by holding WRus.

    This comes from experience playing a lot of games (300+). It’s a little hard to understand how Moscow/Berlin trading works without playing it. It’s actually possible for allies to win even after giving up Moscow first. Allies can win if they take Berlin in 1-2 turns after moscow falls and before Japan’s tanks can come to Berlin’s aid.

  • Tank for the answer MI, I tried to do it at one of my latest games, and the thing is this, transport ground army to Europe takes a lot, much more than Jap needs to put pressure on URSS, i have to do a long trip: from US is Alg, Lib, Egy, trans j , Persia, Coucasus, it is way longer than the road Us-Salomon Islands-borneo/East indies, and in one of this two US can make a Factory and produce 4 units per turn.

    I feel like the full concentration against Germany is best, but i hatee letting Jap to gain 40+ IPC per turn.

  • The Pacific route may like an attractive path, but in practice, it take much more naval investment to protect the transports.

    Typical air and naval:
    Germany - 5 fighters, 1 bomber. 1 fighter is usually lost in ukraine and baltic fleet is sunk by uk
    Japan - 2 battleships, 2 carriers, 5-6 fighters, 1 bomber, 1 destroyer, maybe 1 sub, + any transports japan bought.

    Japan starts with a much larger naval threat, and US would need to invest 50-150 IPC for a US pacific fleet to survive.

    Also, the Atlantic route is shorter than you’re describing.
    The typical starting route is for land units purchased in East US to move to east Canada. From there, a transport can move it to Algeria each turn. From there, transports can threaten South Europe or West Europe. US also has the option of placing a fleet in the Mediterranean Sea. That fleet can transport from Libya to Ukraine, Caucasus, trans jordan, Southern Europe, and Western Europe. A US1 buy of 1 carrier, 1 transport, and land units is a great start to accomplish this.

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