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    Against 3 armor and an artillery defending in Egypt, I doubt England’s attacking because you’d probably be reduced to a fighter and bomber with nothing left to take the land.

    However, even if you did and let’s say Ukraine was taken by Russia, I’d still attack Fighter/Bomber with Fighter/Bomber.

    Germany has more fighters anyway, and can build them easier then England.  And your defensive punch is only 5, my offense is 7.  And, if I get a hit, which I’m almost sure to do, you’ll almost have to chose the bomber, the more expensive and flexible of the two units while, if you get a hit, I can easily lose the fighter and retreat the bomber.

  • @ncscswitch:

    If Germany is building INF THAT heavilly, then you have lost the offensive against Russia and are trading much closer to the vest as Germany.  That means Russia poses a greater threat, and that Germany has to fight harder just to stay in the 30’s for income.

    You cannot BOTH build all INF AND trade at the Archangel/WR/Caucuses frontier turn after turn as Germany.  Sorry, it just does NOT happen  unless MASSIVE dice fracks come into play early in the game (or unless the Allies are playing poorly).

    What games are you playing?

    I hardly see G trade Arch, except rnd 1, never WRU, and when G starts trading cauc thats bad for allies.

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