• I try this over my poor friend….he lost 😢
    first turn— germany put 40 ipc on 8 techno dice…and go for long range aircraft, the ods will make it happens, if not—your in trouble, but if you have it, send 1 inf and 1 tank on UK with all fighters and bomber…i finish the combat with 1 tank, 2 fighters, and bomber…
    UK give me 30 ipc… and i attack the battleship in gilbraltar with the sub from #8 and my battlship with transport…i retreat all force in europe and put it in eastern europe…30 ipc + 46 ipc (i lost west russia- 40-2+8(uk)=46)
    second turn— i took the 76 ipc, buy 1 transport, 1 aircraft carrier, 2 fighter, 9 inf , 1 tank…
    now, i have a sea fleet of 1 battleship, 1 destroyer, 2 sub(or 3 if sub in gibraltar survive), 2 fighters, 3 transports… 
    after that it’S up to you depending on the strategie of allies… i took the capital of USA 5 turn later… :-D…and no hes not a beginners…
    see you…


  • 2007 AAR League


    Most players here use Tournament rules which makes you roll for tech during purchase but wait until the end of your turn for tech to take effect. You can’t take UK in the first turn that way. People don’t like it when the whole game comes down to whether Gemany gets LRA or not.

  • G1 Sea Lion is one of the major reasons why Larry Harris Tournament Rules are used rather than the box rules.

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